Honor Trading Post Website Design Project

Honor Trading Web Design Project


Nice weather is finally here and the snow has finally receded. These warm days bring lots of folks outside, and revive in me memories of slowly floating down the Big Manistee. If kayaking, canoeing or tubing sound as good to you right now as it does to me, head over to the Honor Trading Post! They have a full service rental facility as well as fishing licenses and groceries. If you need it while camping or floating along the Platte River, they have it.

Pro Web Marketing recently completed and launched Honor Trading Post’s new website design. The goal was to modernize the look and feel and convert the site to a responsive platform so the site looks great on mobile devices as well as large monitors. Our team of Graphic designers worked closely with our developers to make a website that was practical, visually appealing and most importantly effective. 

We will be happy to put our team to work for you. Whether you currently have a website that needs to be updated and freshened up, or if you have never had a website before we will set you up. Our websites are optimized for to look great both on all devices and screen sizes. Making changes to the written content or your photos is a breeze. You can make the changes yourself on your new website and we include training as a standard part of our website process. If updating or getting a new website seems overwhelming call the Web Wonks. We will work with you to make the process easy. Give us a call today at 877 577 6932 or fill out our form here!

Culver Meadows Adult Fost Care Facility

Culver Meadows adult foster care facility has been serving the Grand Traverse area and all of Northern Michigan for over 20 years. They have been a great client of Pro Web Marketing for some time as well. When owners Brad and Trina decided it was time to redesign the website they indicated that they wanted a clean, yet not clinical design, that reflected the atmosphere they provide to their guests. We were eager to help!

Our team of graphic designers used a wood background to help give the site a scence of warmth and quality, and laid out the content in a way that is easy to read but brings the proper attention to the important details.

The biggest challenge of modern websites is keeping them current and relevant. Not only do design styles change quickly, but guidelines for search engine optimization are constantly evolving as well. Our Web developers created a custom theme for Culver Meadows in the WordPress content management platform that meets all modern web standard. Pro Web Marketing adopted responsive web design as our standard very early on to make sure our clients web sites are optimized to be viewed on screen sizes from mobile devices such as phones and tablets to large monitors. User experience is an important part of website ranking on search engines such as Google and Bing, as is making sure the information on websites are up to date. The WordPress content management system allows for easy site updates and maintenance. Culver Meadows will no longer have to call a web developer to change the verbiage on their website or to add photos. Of course if for any reason they need help, Pro Web Marketing will be right here to help in anyway we can.

After the new website was live, our marketing team worked with Culver Meadows, to make sure the site was optimized to be found on search engines. We targeted the keywords that folks are actively searching for when looking for the services Brad and Trina’s team has to offer.

If you suspect that it may be time upgrade your website, or if you need help being found online, give us a call. We have a team of graphic designers, web developers, programers, and marketing folks that will work hard to make sure that your business identity and online presence is up to date and effective. Simply give us a call at 877 577 6932 or request a quote here. Put our team of professionals to work for you today. You won’t regret it!

YouTube views as profit

When videos go viral on youtube, the video-poster can profit immensely. Videos such as the Keyboard Cat, David after the dentist, Charlie bit my finger and many more have all become a part of this ‘youtube effect.’ The following article really dives into how quickly youtube has made a huge impact on the advertising world, and even the effect that it has had on our society. Take a few minutes to read this article posted by Time Magazine, it is very interesting!,9171,1938731,00.html

The Oprah Effect

Celebrities in general are often used in advertising because of their credibility and likeability among fans. Oprah herself has become one of the most credible sources for advertising in today’s world. What is now called, “The Oprah Effect” is the fact that a no-name product liked by Oprah can make it onto her show and become a very successful brand. If it is something Oprah feels she must have, then viewers are likely to feel that they must also buy the given product, as well. This has in turn proven that Oprah is one of the most influential people in today’s media. The following article published by goes more in depth about the Oprah Effect and how it has changed the success of particular brands, and even why there are certain brands out there that don’t belong on the Oprah Show.
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Social Media Advertising

Why IS social media such an effective medium for business owners? Not only is it a way to reach a huge demographic, but technology has enabled us to directly market to the public based on their activity on the given social media site. For example, if someone ‘likes’ a certain band, it is quite possible that an ad will appear for tickets to their upcoming concert. Even changing your relationship status to ‘engaged’ will make it so that wedding-related ads begin popping up. This is crucial for advertisers to be able to directly target consumers with relevant ads.

Internet Marketing Strategies

There are many and varied methods to bring your business to as many people as possible online. Using the following tips will increase website traffic and allow your business to expand rapidly.

Video Marketing
It has become very easy to embed video, and they are relatively easy to make. Videos give a touch of class, can be viewed in seconds, and cover the same amount of information as an hour’s writing.

Social Media
Although you will need to work to build strong, permanent relationships, social sites cannot be beaten for free traffic. You will receive, in return for the work you put in, a much focussed stream of customers, all very relevant to your business.

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Website Advertising

A website is your most powerful form of advertising. There is no other medium in which you can showcase more information or reach a larger audience.

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