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Web Fonts: Revisiting an old problem

In a previous article about fonts and web standards, we discussed the problems designers face with fonts on the web and some various solutions.  Today’s article brings an update to the field in the form of a few new contenders on the web-font battlefield.

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Photos for the Web

At Pro Web, we receive a ton of photos every week – many of them to be integrated into client websites.  Sometimes we  have to throw out a lot of potentially good photographs because they are not “fit” for the website.  What usually causes this is incorrect layout – an easily avoidable mistake.

There are a few easy steps you can take to make sure your photos are appropriate for the web.

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Save time with PHP! Create photo galleries automatically.

Large photo galleries can be a pain to set up and manage. When you are dealing with 100 or more images, you are in for some serious HTML data entry – tons of lines of code with only a few differences in each line.

In this article, I’ll provide a sample script that I have used and adapted for several galleries and other similar tasks. This article is meant for developers, but I will do my best to take as much of the “lingo” out of it as I can, and explain and document it well. Even if you don’t know programming or PHP at all, this should be a useful tool for you. I developed this with only a basic knowledge of PHP syntax and a bit of guess and check.

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Quality Web Content and Why it’s Important!

Many people believe that content on the web is just text that has been added to a site to tell about the company. It information is actually much much more than this. A Web sites content is the backbone of what a Web site is there to do. All of this important content needs to be relevant to the business and quickly and directly tell the target market what it is this business does before losing there interest in a sea of letters and paragraphs.

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