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9 Points To Successful SEO

Search Engine Optimization companies are making a fortune by doing the menial work that is overlooked by many designers. It is ridiculously easy to do most of the work done by most SEO companies, all you have to do is create good habits.

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Maximizing Your Website’s Full Potential

Whether your website is for business or personal use its important to follow certain guidelines to ensure users have a good experience .

Theme/Color – This is the first impression the user gets when visiting your site and can be the determining factor if they stay or leave.  When creating a theme for your site keep it simple.  The easiest way to do this is by designating areas for your header (logo/banner), navigation, content, and footer (copyright, contact info, etc) that fit together to create a square/rectangle on the page.  When picking colors try picking ones that flow together and are easy on the users eyes.  There are many tools on the web that can assist with this such as a color wheel which help with getting lighter/darker shades and colors that compliment each other.

Navigation/Menu – This is another crucial part to your site and should be visible on all pages near the top or in a sidebar for easy access.  A menu may also be placed at the bottom for your users convenience if your site content is long or you have a flash (elderly users or older browsers may not recognize this) navigation.  However the bottom of your page shouldn’t  be the primary source of navigation.  Another thing to remember is to never have broken links because they look unprofessional and can frustrate the user.  Even if a page is not up yet you should still never leave the link broken.  Simply create a page letting the user know the page is currently under construction and to check back.

Content – This can also make or break your website.  When adding content be sure to break it up with line breaks, bullets, images, different alignment, etc.  A user does not want to sit and read a wall of text, they want to get the key information easily.  If a page is really long there may be a chance that you could take a section and place it on its own page.  You also want to make sure you keep related information together and unrelated information apart to avoid confusion from the user.

Footer – The final thing in maximizing your sites potential is creating a footer for the bottom of your pages.  A footer should contain copyright information and your contact information such as address, phone, e-mail, etc for quick access to the user.   The footer should not however replace a contact page.

New Project Friday

Another new project we have been working on here is for Sherwood Manufacturing out of Northport Michigan. Manufacturer using robots to weld parts and products for Ford, GM, Volkswagen and many other major companies. Their needs were pretty clear when they came to us with the job. They are a technical class of company and needed to represent this in a new Website. A crisp clear robotic type of look and feel to show they mean business and that just because there located in a small town they mean big business when it comes to manufacturing.

With the use of darker colors and a sophisticated layered background texture that tiles the page I fashioned up a site developed for fast loading strong text information and a clean navigation that gets the user to where they need to go for their information. Check back soon for updates on the this new project as it evolves and I reveal the link to their new Website!

Our Newest Project – Creative Stone Designs

The latest project we are working on is for Creative Stone Designs. This initial concept has proven to be very challenging so far. The site will need to be heavy in imagery and the style will also need to reflect what their business primarily does. My strategy will be a solid combination of images with just enough text to tell about their core business. They have done many projects around the area and this Web site needs to reflect the work that they have done. The site will be clearly navigable by the user that will easily take anyone to where they want to be from any page. With the use of javascript and css I will use techniques to take the image galleries to the next level.

9 Reasons Your Business Should Have a Web Site

1.  Your web site provides customers with basic contact information.

2.  Many people research products and services on the internet prior to their purchase.

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Timberlee Hills Website Redesign

Recently, we’ve been given the opportunity to revise, redesign, and revamp one of our client’s websites – Timberlee Hills Wedding Receptions.

We created a new site for them, using very modern techniques to create a look that was both elegant and functional.Their old site was not bad, but it had several downsides.  As with many old sites, the coding was not compliant with modern web standards, the search engine optimization was not up to scratch, and it really didn’t portray what they wanted to show the public about their business.

Check out the new site today!  Timberlee Hills Wedding Receptions.

Design Outside the Grid

Recently I have noticed many trends with Web sites. It is usually the same old layouts with strict columns and a box style grid. It is time for a change and to have some more thought out layouts than just columns with a header and footer.

The future of Web sites involves using a background image along with the layout in conjunction. For many years we have put patterns and one color backgrounds in our sites. It is time to  evolve into large background images and integrating those images into the layout of Web sites.

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