Locally targeted SEO matters

We hear a lot about ranking on search engines and why it is important to place high on a search. In the effort to rank higher in the search engines many companies end up behind dozens of national companies and paid ads on the coveted front page of google. Here at Pro Web Marketing we are focusing on local optimization, so instead of battling it out with national sites with large budgets you are only competing for space against other local businesses.

In a study by Pew Internet statistics 1100 Americans were surveyed about their local shopping preferences. In this study over half of all surveyed said they most relied on the internet when looking for local business options, more than newspapers or even word of mouth. This means that right here in Traverse City more people googled fine dining than asked their friends for recommendations of where to go on that special night out.

Instead of being part of the millions of businesses out there vying for the national front page results of google, target the local area first. Because at the end of the day getting 5 customers from the your local area is always better than getting 1 potential customer from across the country.

If doing the research and spending hours coming up with local strategies doesn’t sound like a fun way to spend the next few weekends you can always contact us via this page or by phone at.  877.577.6932.

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