Internet Marketing Strategies

There are many and varied methods to bring your business to as many people as possible online. Using the following tips will increase website traffic and allow your business to expand rapidly.

Video Marketing
It has become very easy to embed video, and they are relatively easy to make. Videos give a touch of class, can be viewed in seconds, and cover the same amount of information as an hour’s writing.

Social Media
Although you will need to work to build strong, permanent relationships, social sites cannot be beaten for free traffic. You will receive, in return for the work you put in, a much focussed stream of customers, all very relevant to your business.

Article marketing
The backbone of any marketing strategy, and always will be in some form. It stands to reason that a well written article full of pertinent information will sell a product and build trust with readers. Article directories give a further dimension. They allow your article to be picked up and posted to somebody else’s site giving free links and traffic from elsewhere. This tactic will help you build traffic and increase search engine rankings.

Links are not allowed on many forums today, an effort to combat spam. Some do, though, and as long as the posts are useful and informative, a link can usually be added in a signature. As long as you do not start spamming, trust can be built relatively easy as you piggyback the trust the reader already has with the forum, which in turn allows you to build trust with them.

Blog Commenting

Pick good quality blogs that fit within your sales niche. Be intelligent about the whole thing: ask questions, build relationships with other readers.

Email Marketing
Every email address you pick up in the course of your marketing efforts should be logged. Each time somebody visits your website, get the email address there too. Don’t be pushy about it, remain businesslike. Once you have a good list, you can promote your products again and again. Do not over-promote, however, a good relationship is far more important. Inform potential customers how they can solve their need with your product. Remember, also, that they may well refer your website to their own contacts, invaluable business.

PPC Advertising
A very popular method, pay-per-click advertising can lose you money in the short-term but could prove a real money-spinner in the long-term. It is possible to spend lots on this method, so you need to keep a tight rein on what you spend. It may take time, but once your PPC campaign is up and running, it could prove to be extremely profitable.

Viral Reports and EBooks
Spend some time writing reports and eBooks. They should be filled with good quality content, not with a profusion of links. Allow as many people as you can to pass them around. As long as they are filled with great quality, useful information, people will be happy to do so. A truly successful report or eBook will not need to be pushed around. It all comes back to building relationships: if you produce great content, customers will want to give you their business. As long as the links you do add are only of the very useful kind, people will still have a route to your website. Best practice is to place the most important link in the footer so it appears on every page.

Guest Writing
Always be open to writing posts for other people’s blogs. This takes a bit of research as you will have to find several, say 10-20, people with blogs that fall within your niche. The main emphasis should be with those blogs that receive good traffic, not necessarily the biggest. Simply ask them if they want a free article post, build up the trust until you can ask them if you can post a couple of quality links within the post you write. Long-term, guest writing will allow your own website to become more well-known, always good.

Search engine optimization will always be one of the most important tactics you will use in marketing your website. In excess of 80% of all internet traffic uses a major search engine. Good links to your website are, therefore, crucial. Your long-term goal here is to get a good search engine results page (SERPS) ranking, and to get your website to move up these rankings constantly.

Good quality marketing should be in your sights from the first day you set up your website. All marketing should be top quality. Never spam as this will alienate people that could possibly give you business. Worse, every person you alienate could be someone that could come back to you again and again.
Relationships, therefore, are a crucial key for any marketing strategy. Really good customers will refer your website on, also.

Keep content informative and ensure quality is sufficient that it will keep a potential customer reading, hopefully all the way to a purchase.

Finally, it is imperative that your website is easy to reach. Whether through SEO and SERPS rankings, or through other forms of advertising such as guest writings, forums and blogs, the more links there are anywhere on the internet, the more chance of pulling in a potential customer.

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