Tips on Shooting Interior Photographs

** Always use a tripod **

  • Use a Tripod or something equivalent to assist you
  • Set the camera to aperture mode (if available)
  • Set the aperture to either 8 or more
  • Set the camera ISO (if available) to lowest possible setting (ex:100) / Turn off AUTO ISO (if available)
  • Turn off Image Stabilization (if available) for either lens/body or both
  • Set the camera to timer “optional”
  • Take the shot!

Always remember what you see on the camera screen is not always perfect, transfer the photographs to the computer to see the REAL results.

5 Tips for Making Your Online Store Successful

Have you ever wanted to create and run an online store? Not sure where to start or what to be mindful of?  This article will share tips that will help you to make your online store more successful.

Before you read further, please remember that it is not important to follow the steps. Every person has his own way to do things. These are some helpful tips which may be useful to you too.

1. Attractive: Many beginners make the mistake of writing a lot of matter on the homepage. Try and avoid doing this. Put a good sales page instead and tell the customers about your products you want to sell. Give them links to the inner pages of your website. Make the homepage interesting. Get to the point straight and tell customers all good things about your store. Make it attractive by putting images on it.

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Maximizing Your Website’s Full Potential

Whether your website is for business or personal use its important to follow certain guidelines to ensure users have a good experience .

Theme/Color – This is the first impression the user gets when visiting your site and can be the determining factor if they stay or leave.  When creating a theme for your site keep it simple.  The easiest way to do this is by designating areas for your header (logo/banner), navigation, content, and footer (copyright, contact info, etc) that fit together to create a square/rectangle on the page.  When picking colors try picking ones that flow together and are easy on the users eyes.  There are many tools on the web that can assist with this such as a color wheel which help with getting lighter/darker shades and colors that compliment each other.

Navigation/Menu – This is another crucial part to your site and should be visible on all pages near the top or in a sidebar for easy access.  A menu may also be placed at the bottom for your users convenience if your site content is long or you have a flash (elderly users or older browsers may not recognize this) navigation.  However the bottom of your page shouldn’t  be the primary source of navigation.  Another thing to remember is to never have broken links because they look unprofessional and can frustrate the user.  Even if a page is not up yet you should still never leave the link broken.  Simply create a page letting the user know the page is currently under construction and to check back.

Content – This can also make or break your website.  When adding content be sure to break it up with line breaks, bullets, images, different alignment, etc.  A user does not want to sit and read a wall of text, they want to get the key information easily.  If a page is really long there may be a chance that you could take a section and place it on its own page.  You also want to make sure you keep related information together and unrelated information apart to avoid confusion from the user.

Footer – The final thing in maximizing your sites potential is creating a footer for the bottom of your pages.  A footer should contain copyright information and your contact information such as address, phone, e-mail, etc for quick access to the user.   The footer should not however replace a contact page.

Tips on Using Digital Camera

•   Type of Camera: The camera should have the resolution of 4-mega pixel upward, and optical zoom of 3x. If you don’t mind the price, you can opt for SLR digital camera. Digital SLR camera offers maximum flexibility as it allows you to alter the lens based on the kind of photos that needs to be taken. You will need a wide angle for landscapes and telephoto lens for portraits. If you intend to sale the photographs to microstock photo website, you will need a camera which has resolution of at least 4 mega pixels.
•    Optical zoom is better as compared to digital zoom. This is because while optical zoom uses the optics present in the camera when a photo is taken, digital zoom will enlarge the photos by creating additional pixels. In this process, the picture quality is lost.

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The Benefits Of Using Twitter

The other name for twitter is micro blogging, which is becoming immensely popular as a medium of social networking. The medium is based on letting people know what you are doing. People can remain in touch with one another instantly using the messages, known as tweets. The maximum allowed characters for the message is 140 and hence, you have to convey your message using short text.

Your answer to the question ‘What you are doing’ could be letting the world know about your business, hobbies, emotions, or anything else, that you feel that people would be interested in knowing.

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How to Benefit By Using Facebook

Let us have a look at important steps you need to follow:
•    Use keywords in your site name
•    What is your site about- Contents of this cannot be altered. You will need to open another page in case you want to change the information.
•    Create an image of maximum 200×600 and use your imagination.
•     Given below is the list of core applications and its benefits:
1.    Use Static HTML to get customized page.
2.     Facebook Notes – You can place rss feed from blogs here.  You can combine Friendfeed and rss feed for twitter posts, multiple blogs, and youtube posts, etc.
3. app for Business Pages: Though it is slightly difficult to set up, it saves you double work of posting.

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5 Tips to a Better Optimized Web Site

Good grammar is essential

When a search engine indexes the text of your web site, it won’t correct the grammatical errors you may have within that text.  It is imperative that you use good grammar, have no misspelled words, commas are where they should be, and use variants such as plurals and non plural words throughout your text.

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Tips On Building Back Links

The most important factor for successful SEO is getting superior quality back links. It is easier to optimize the content of the website, but for getting quality links is based on the decision of the other person. This is because; back links originate from other website and reach your website. You can have a dialogue with the owners of other websites regarding anchor text. Although you cannot regulate the back links, you can control other factors:

Get Back links Naturally: One of the algorithms used by search engines is back links. Having more back links would indicate the popularity of the website. However, the weight age of the back links would increase only if the website contains relevant content. Hence, you should look at other alternatives for promoting your website.

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Importance of Shopping Cart Security

One of the major concerns while dealing in financial transactions on Internet is the security of such transactions. The main reason why e-commerce was not as widely accepted, as it should have been, was due to lack of security. Even today, there are many who shy away from transacting on the Internet with an unknown trader.

This problem has been solved to a great extent by digital shopping cart software.
In addition to facilitating hurdle free shopping online, this software offers security in the transactions to the online buyers. Hence, it is advisable to purchase the e-commerce software, if you are an online merchant.

Online shopping carts protect the financial and personal data of the customers through Secured Socket Layer or SSL in short. This software ensures that when the payment is made to your gateway, the transaction remains secured.

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How To Protect Your PC

To ensure that your PC works fine and is secured, you need to follow the following steps:

1)    Using Anti-Virus Software: Install an anti virus software on your computer and check that the program is running smoothly. Ensure that you have the latest anti virus and scan your computer at least once in a week. Some of the free anti virus programs are Avast, Avira, Microsoft Security Beta and AVG.

2) Free Downloads: Your computer can catch a virus from free download sites. If you want to download something from the Internet, it is a better idea to pay for the download, as free download sites may contain virus that would harm your PC. Some of the free reputed download sites are Downloads, and

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