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Why have a secured site?

Website not secure SSL Secure Site LicenseIt’s widely known that there is a difference between Internet Browsers. Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Microsoft Edge and Apple Safari are the Big 4. If you are still using IE, we recommend against it. For Mac, Safari is the go-to but Chrome and Firefox are available as well. For PC, Chrome and Firefox are the way to go for the best security and fastest browsing experience.

Lately, you may have noticed your browsers are letting you know that the website you are currently visiting is “Not Secure”. This means that the website isn’t protected by an SSL Certificate. SSL’s encrypt the transmissions between the website and the servers, adding a layer of safety and trust to the site.

Having a secured website helps in search engine rankings, plus a secure connection gives your customers peace of mind that your website can be trusted and their information is safe leading to increased conversions.

Pro Web Marketing has always been able to provide High Encryption SSL Certificates for our clients. If you are ready to make the switch to secure your website (and get rid of that “Not Secure” notice) call us at 877-577-6932 to talk about updating your website and keeping your customers and the Internet happy.

Useful Trick: Recover Saved Passwords

If you’re like me, you often register for a website, hit the “Remember My Password” button in the browser, and totally forget what the password was to begin with.  Normally this isn’t an issue – as you’ll always have that password saved.

But what if you need to tell someone else that password, or perhaps log in on another computer?

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Updating old designs – Easy upgrades

The web is an ever-evolving medium – it never stays the same for more than a moment!  That is why your website needs to be updated frequently – not just in content, but in design.  Your website should be updated to stay current with the newest design practices as well as the newest tech tools and functionality.

This article discusses some simple things you can change on an old website without much effort or re-working of the HTML coding – ideal for situations where you don’t want to go for a full re-design but want to make some minor changes to improve your website’s appeal.

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Web Fonts: Revisiting an old problem

In a previous article about fonts and web standards, we discussed the problems designers face with fonts on the web and some various solutions.  Today’s article brings an update to the field in the form of a few new contenders on the web-font battlefield.

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Save time with PHP! Create photo galleries automatically.

Large photo galleries can be a pain to set up and manage. When you are dealing with 100 or more images, you are in for some serious HTML data entry – tons of lines of code with only a few differences in each line.

In this article, I’ll provide a sample script that I have used and adapted for several galleries and other similar tasks. This article is meant for developers, but I will do my best to take as much of the “lingo” out of it as I can, and explain and document it well. Even if you don’t know programming or PHP at all, this should be a useful tool for you. I developed this with only a basic knowledge of PHP syntax and a bit of guess and check.

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Web Designer Tools

We have searched and found some great free tools for web designers.  Below are descriptions and where to find some great tools we have stumbled upon:

Free clipart

Web Generator

Free Photo Gallery Generator

There are several programs to choose from at this link

Free CSS templates (Which we do not use)

Microsoft’s Free Live Sync Software

If you are looking for an alternative to backing up your files or you need to have your files available on two or more computers, I recommend taking a look at Microsoft’s free tool “Live Sync”.  This is a small download that allows you to sync folders you choose to another computer.   Sign up free at

jQuery’s New API Docs + 1.4

jQuery, one of the most popular and diversely adapted JavaScript libraries, has released a new version, and a gigantic wiki to document the api.  The new version boasts huge performance boosts and tons of new functionality.

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Using Non-Standard Fonts – Solutions and Issues

One of the more challenging obstacles in website design are the limits imposed on designers by the idea of “web fonts”.  Web fonts are the few type faces which are installed on every system globally.  To maintain a consistent look to all users, most designers will stick to using those few fonts (Verdana, Arial, Times, Georgia, and Palatino are most common) or use images to replace headers.  This former solution causes a very stale, plain look that users see on every website they visit.  The latter can seriously hurt your search engine rankings.  Neither of those sound very appealing!

Innovative and curious as the developers are Pro Web Marketing are, we’ve found several alternatives that can avoid the downsides of traditional solutions.

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Easily Share/Promote Your Web Site

You have your web site up and running or you have just added some important posts to your Blog.  How do you make it as easy as possible to for people to share this information?

Here is a free web-based tool that does just that.  It is called ‘Add This’ and can be seen here at this web site:

You pick the options you want and the site will automatically generate the HTML code needed. You simply copy/paste this this code and place it on your Web site or with-in the template of your blog.

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