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Easily Share/Promote Your Web Site

You have your web site up and running or you have just added some important posts to your Blog.  How do you make it as easy as possible to for people to share this information?

Here is a free web-based tool that does just that.  It is called ‘Add This’ and can be seen here at this web site:

You pick the options you want and the site will automatically generate the HTML code needed. You simply copy/paste this this code and place it on your Web site or with-in the template of your blog.

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The Benefits Of Using Twitter

The other name for twitter is micro blogging, which is becoming immensely popular as a medium of social networking. The medium is based on letting people know what you are doing. People can remain in touch with one another instantly using the messages, known as tweets. The maximum allowed characters for the message is 140 and hence, you have to convey your message using short text.

Your answer to the question ‘What you are doing’ could be letting the world know about your business, hobbies, emotions, or anything else, that you feel that people would be interested in knowing.

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How to Benefit By Using Facebook

Let us have a look at important steps you need to follow:
•    Use keywords in your site name
•    What is your site about- Contents of this cannot be altered. You will need to open another page in case you want to change the information.
•    Create an image of maximum 200×600 and use your imagination.
•     Given below is the list of core applications and its benefits:
1.    Use Static HTML to get customized page.
2.     Facebook Notes – You can place rss feed from blogs here.  You can combine Friendfeed and rss feed for twitter posts, multiple blogs, and youtube posts, etc.
3. app for Business Pages: Though it is slightly difficult to set up, it saves you double work of posting.

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Get the Most Out of Online Networking

Networking online these days is a great business tool to allow you to not only connect with those in your industry, but may also be a great marketing tool for drumming up new business leads.  Two great business networking sites are:

LinkedIn – Which allows you to post comments, articles and join groups in your profession

Biznik – Provides you with the opportunity to post articles pertaining to your business, rfps and job postings

7 Things You Can Do to Benefit from Social Marketing

1. Start Blogging – Blogging is old news to many. Not quite the distant past, but still not the future… sort of a Web 1.5. Is blogging what’s ‘hot’ at the moment? Well, no. It certainly doesn’t compare with chasing a link from the front page of Digg. But blogging is alive and well! It continues to be a great way to get interactively connected with your customers. ‘Dialoguing’ is the reason social marketing exists. How much time you invest in your blog is up to you, but you’ll get out what you put in. You don’t have to drive yourself crazy putting in daily entries, but you should establish a regular schedule for your blog updates. Otherwise, when people check your blog they’ll see the same-old/same-old so often that they’ll stop visiting your site… which is the whole reason you started the blog! So don’t shoot yourself in the foot by creating a blog that’s a visitor-repellent rather than a visitor-magnet.

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