Is it time to update your website?

The most common reason why a company decides to redesign their website is to update and improve the visual design of that site.

Older websites are likely to no longer reflect the visuals that are a part of your brand identity. A site redesign can bring the look of that site in-line with the rest of your marketing materials to provide a consistent voice and visual appearance throughout all of your customer facing communications.

Web design is an always-changing industry. The best practices that were cutting edge when your website was last redesigned are likely to have undergone substantial updates since that time. Some of these updated best practices may be small changes while others may be ground-breaking developments that are critically important to your site’s success today. A redesign can bring current best practices onto your site in a way that would be impossible by simply tweaking what your company already has online.

The way that people use websites has changed dramatically over the years. Today’s website visitors and search engines demand an experience that is easy and intuitive and a redesign of your site can focus on these traits and greatly improve your site’s overall user experience. Search engines crawl websites and look for “readability” and a positive user experience when ranking a website. By having a website that provides the information a user is looking for increases time spent on your website and increases conversions.

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