Why You Should Upgrade Your Web Browser

The fact of the matter is that technology is changing at a rate now of exponential capacities. So this also means that the web is changing as too. Along with these changes are modifications to how browsers display Websites. The one browser that is really giving many Web developers problems these days is the old fashioned Internet Explorer 6, which ships with Windows XP. This browser also still holds around 15.3% of the total market share in browsers since September of this year. Still think that this is a decent market share? No its not considering that just this year it held around 25% of the market share. Yep, people are upgrading that fast. Just last year it held around 50% of the market share. The fact is that

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Social Media Crimes

Now that more and more people and also businesses are signing up with Social Media networks such as Linkedin, Facebook and Myspace, these sites are starting to get hit by cyber criminals. In 2006 nearly 3,200 account hijacking cases have been reported at the Internet Crime Complaint Center. Ok so here is how this is now happening and how you can be aware of this and protect yourself from harm.

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New Motorola Droid Phone Hits the Market Soon

The new Motorola Droid phone is set to hit the market on the sixth of November. This phone is based off of the Google’s Android OS. The newest feature  about the the Droid will be it’s Google Maps with voice-enabled turn-by-turn directions. The phone comes with an optional car mount kit for easy dashboard vehicle mounting.

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New Project Friday

Another new project we have been working on here is for Sherwood Manufacturing out of Northport Michigan. Manufacturer using robots to weld parts and products for Ford, GM, Volkswagen and many other major companies. Their needs were pretty clear when they came to us with the job. They are a technical class of company and needed to represent this in a new Website. A crisp clear robotic type of look and feel to show they mean business and that just because there located in a small town they mean big business when it comes to manufacturing.

With the use of darker colors and a sophisticated layered background texture that tiles the page I fashioned up a site developed for fast loading strong text information and a clean navigation that gets the user to where they need to go for their information. Check back soon for updates on the this new project as it evolves and I reveal the link to their new Website!

New Project in the Works – Sounds Environments

Another new and very exciting project were working on is for Traverse City Sound Environments. In the interest of the owner I gathered what information they wanted and what he wanted to accomplish with the website. I then put together a plan to incorporate their needs as a business and make sure the design of the site was the very best it could be. I used a split header design to section

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A Quick Guide to Video Blogging

If you haven’t tried any video blogging yet, also called vlogging, you really should try it out. If you haven’t tried this out yet I know exactly what your thinking. Why would I want to put up a video of me so that the world can see me? Well there are lots of reasons why. Here a quick list to get started.

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Our Newest Project – Creative Stone Designs

The latest project we are working on is for Creative Stone Designs. This initial concept has proven to be very challenging so far. The site will need to be heavy in imagery and the style will also need to reflect what their business primarily does. My strategy will be a solid combination of images with just enough text to tell about their core business. They have done many projects around the area and this Web site needs to reflect the work that they have done. The site will be clearly navigable by the user that will easily take anyone to where they want to be from any page. With the use of javascript and css I will use techniques to take the image galleries to the next level.

Graphic Design Branding

When creating a logo design for your business you should always keep in mind that what ever color scheme or design you choose will carry through to your business advertising campaigns, letterhead, and other materials.  Your logo will brand your business and create a visual for your customers to remember who you are and what products or services your business provides them.  Choose a design that sets your business off from the rest of your competition.

Quality Web Content and Why it’s Important!

Many people believe that content on the web is just text that has been added to a site to tell about the company. It information is actually much much more than this. A Web sites content is the backbone of what a Web site is there to do. All of this important content needs to be relevant to the business and quickly and directly tell the target market what it is this business does before losing there interest in a sea of letters and paragraphs.

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Positives of having an E-Commerce Web site

I am sure you have noticed by now that many individuals have been starting up new businesses and trying to make there own income at home. Whatever the case might be, whether a family member lost a job,  you just thought is was the right time to venture out on your own or you already own your own business and just want to take it to the next level. There are many reasons why starting up your own online business would be very beneficial to you and your businesses success.

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