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Pro Web Marketing optimizes Clark RV Center

Pro Web Marketing has recently performed search engine optimization for Clark RV Center’s web site at

http://mtpleasantrvcenter.com/ Pro Web Marketing uses the latest optimization strategies when optimizing for the search engines, especially when it comes to Google.  We strive to make your web site reach its highest potential when an individual searches a specific keyword or phrase that pertains to your product or service.

Why You Should Upgrade Your Web Browser

The fact of the matter is that technology is changing at a rate now of exponential capacities. So this also means that the web is changing as too. Along with these changes are modifications to how browsers display Websites. The one browser that is really giving many Web developers problems these days is the old fashioned Internet Explorer 6, which ships with Windows XP. This browser also still holds around 15.3% of the total market share in browsers since September of this year. Still think that this is a decent market share? No its not considering that just this year it held around 25% of the market share. Yep, people are upgrading that fast. Just last year it held around 50% of the market share. The fact is that

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New Project in the Works – Sounds Environments

Another new and very exciting project were working on is for Traverse City Sound Environments. In the interest of the owner I gathered what information they wanted and what he wanted to accomplish with the website. I then put together a plan to incorporate their needs as a business and make sure the design of the site was the very best it could be. I used a split header design to section

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Positives of having an E-Commerce Web site

I am sure you have noticed by now that many individuals have been starting up new businesses and trying to make there own income at home. Whatever the case might be, whether a family member lost a job,  you just thought is was the right time to venture out on your own or you already own your own business and just want to take it to the next level. There are many reasons why starting up your own online business would be very beneficial to you and your businesses success.

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