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When most people think of branding, they think of a logo. What most business owners don’t understand is that a logo just scratches the surface of branding; it’s merely the visual representation. A brand is so much more. It is the collection of thoughts, perceptions, and ideas that a person has about a company. It’s the company’s personality.

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Logo Design By Pro Web Marketing

In other words, a brand really only lives inside of our heads. Crazy, eh?

For instance, when you think of Nike you absolutely think of the “swoosh.” But in reality, that logo is just a visual indicator that brings up so many more ideas—concepts of strength, perseverance, and tenacity. You might envision an athlete running on a track. You might remember one of the most challenging obstacles you have overcome.

All of these ideas are carefully portrayed by Nike through colors, imagery choice, and verbal tone in all of their marketing materials from print to digital. The logo merely acts as a reminder of the brand.

When a repeated logo is combined with a repeated and consistent brand message, something magical happens. A company suddenly begins to embody a personality, it begins to connect and resonate with an audience.

Without branding, a company is lifeless, empty, and intangible.

At Pro Web, you’ll hear us talk a lot about branding. We’ll bring it up again and again as we work through your website and print materials, helping to ensure that the message is consistent.

It’s just one of the ways we go beyond a website to make your entire marketing strategy—and your company—successful.

Power Style Solutions

If you are looking for help with personal style, whether it is for a job interview, major life change, or just to feel confident look no further than Power Style Solutions! Pam offers many services from style consultation to entire wardrobe makeovers. She currently offers her services in Kent, Macomb, Oakland, and the Traverse City area.  Power Style Solutions works primarily with women of all ages.

Pam approached us with the need for a new website, as well as business cards. Our graphic design team greeted this challenge eagerly. It is one thing to make a great looking website and quite another to make a website that reflects the taste and personality of someone who has such a strong sense of style and design. We work closely with our clients to match their aesthetic preferences, identify the goals of their website and to make that website an effective tool for them.

Our web development team coded the site into a custom responsive WordPress theme and then our design team finished the project up by creating custom printed materials that carried consistent branding. Having a brochure, business card and website that all present the same  look and feel make your business look like professional and organized.

If you business identity could use some brushing up, or consolidating call us! Our graphic design team knows how to use color and design to effectively get your message across and convert potential clients into paying clients.

Culver Meadows Adult Fost Care Facility

Culver Meadows adult foster care facility has been serving the Grand Traverse area and all of Northern Michigan for over 20 years. They have been a great client of Pro Web Marketing for some time as well. When owners Brad and Trina decided it was time to redesign the website they indicated that they wanted a clean, yet not clinical design, that reflected the atmosphere they provide to their guests. We were eager to help!

Our team of graphic designers used a wood background to help give the site a scence of warmth and quality, and laid out the content in a way that is easy to read but brings the proper attention to the important details.

The biggest challenge of modern websites is keeping them current and relevant. Not only do design styles change quickly, but guidelines for search engine optimization are constantly evolving as well. Our Web developers created a custom theme for Culver Meadows in the WordPress content management platform that meets all modern web standard. Pro Web Marketing adopted responsive web design as our standard very early on to make sure our clients web sites are optimized to be viewed on screen sizes from mobile devices such as phones and tablets to large monitors. User experience is an important part of website ranking on search engines such as Google and Bing, as is making sure the information on websites are up to date. The WordPress content management system allows for easy site updates and maintenance. Culver Meadows will no longer have to call a web developer to change the verbiage on their website or to add photos. Of course if for any reason they need help, Pro Web Marketing will be right here to help in anyway we can.

After the new website was live, our marketing team worked with Culver Meadows, to make sure the site was optimized to be found on search engines. We targeted the keywords that folks are actively searching for when looking for the services Brad and Trina’s team has to offer.

If you suspect that it may be time upgrade your website, or if you need help being found online, give us a call. We have a team of graphic designers, web developers, programers, and marketing folks that will work hard to make sure that your business identity and online presence is up to date and effective. Simply give us a call at 877 577 6932 or request a quote here. Put our team of professionals to work for you today. You won’t regret it!

In A Nutshell

Social media is without a doubt the hot new marketing arena, but who has the additional time needed to manage these tools? When it comes to social media, successful campaigns share the same base as all sound business ventures; planning. Set aside a block of time to devote you your social media accounts, whatever is manageable for you, and stick to it. Also consider the most efficient methods for interacting with your circle: making meaningful posts and commenting. If social media is treated as meaningless, it will have no effect, or a negative effect on your business. It’s better to say a few well sculpted things than to talk all night and say nothing at all. If you are currently using more than one social media outlet, sign up for Nutshell Mail ( a program that sends you all your update in one email, cutting down on the time you spend deleting notifications.

Branding is an essential tool for online businesses

Branding is an essential and an integral part of marketing, which at times is ignored and overlooked by small entrepreneurs. Importance of branding has still not been fully exploited (rather it is needs a thrust) by the online webmasters for their websites and website networks, this is despite the fact that branding one’s online business can give very rich dividends, if done in a strategic manner. Branding one’s online business is much easier than branding a product because most of the branding material can be uploaded on the site directly and therefore the web page should be considered and designed as the face of a particular website. But we still see that most of the online entrepreneurs leave the branding part on luck and chance and they rarely pay attention as far as the branding aspect is concerned.

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Graphic Design Branding

When creating a logo design for your business you should always keep in mind that what ever color scheme or design you choose will carry through to your business advertising campaigns, letterhead, and other materials.  Your logo will brand your business and create a visual for your customers to remember who you are and what products or services your business provides them.  Choose a design that sets your business off from the rest of your competition.

Why a Professionally Designed Logo is Essential to any Business

What is one of the first tasks associated with starting a new business? Yep that’s right, a Logo. Having a business with out a Logo is like putting your pants on your head in the morning. I’m sure you have heard the this phrase from your parents some time back in the day, “First Impressions are everything”. This was usually the result of you trying to head out the door in jeans to your first job interview at 16. This realization has been pushed on us since we could understand what the word “mom” meant. Make a good impression and you will go far.

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