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Crystal Lake Wedding Networking Event

Last night, I had the honor of attending a local business networking event at the Crystal Lake Weddings venue, on the Crystal Lake Golf Club grounds. I have driven by and often thought  I should stop in and check out the venue, but never had. Wow was I missing out!  The golf course and the wedding venue features gourgeous views of Crystal Lake and the Benzie County country side. The sunset over the lake was wonderful. I know I was there for work but it certainly didn’t feel like it. The food was provided by Odette’s Custom Catering and was FANTASTIC as well. 

Crystal Lake Weddings Event

Jamie and Liz From Crystal Lake Weddings

There were many wedding vendors from the area and it was great to meet new folks and learn more about just how vibrant the wedding industry is in this area. Northern Michigan is quickly becoming a destination wedding spot for folks all around the country. There was talk about using modern online services such as skype to chat with brides and grooms who were not able to meet in person due to the long distance from where they currently live. It was obvious that developing a network of local professionals that you trust and feel good about recommending is crucial for many of these businesses. When a bride and groom are planning a wedding from a long distance, they have to rely on those networks to make their wedding day perfect. This network offers accountability and a level of trust between the vendors and keeps business local.

Odettes Custom Catering Frankfort

Krista Odette of Odette’s Custom Catering

Another topic of conversation was how the online reach of larger companies has caused stress on the local vendors. Certainly a large company with a massive budget can throw their weight around and impact local business, but with the right strategy and planning local businesses can compete strongly online! One of the first things we recommend is for all small business to create a local business listing on Google, Bing and Yahoo. Make sure that the business profile is filled out completely and great looking photos are included as well. There are lots of listing services available, but start with the search engines first. I will be perfectly honest, they do not always make creating a free listing easy, and it can be a lot of work to do this. There are many more listing options available out there as well.

If you need help competing online, give us a call. Pro Web Marketing offers a full range of services from social media advising and implementation, local business listings, to Google and Bing search advertising. Your business should and can stand out online, and we can help. Give us a call at 877 577 6932 or get a quick quote here!

Empire Self Storage New Website Project

Fred from Empire Self Storage needed a website to help raise awareness of his business. He contact us needing the site up and ready as quickly as possible. We have a steady work flow but we do everything in our power to meet our clients needs, so we jumped on the project right away. We designed a simple yet functional custom responsive WordPress template and trained Fred on how to add content to his site.

WordPress makes updating a web site easy even if you don’t know html code. It is Pro Web Marketing’s go to platform for it’s ease of use and search engine optimization compatibility. Website owners are able to manage their own site by adding and taking away photos, adding written content and adjusting any text that is already in place. Of course if help is needed we are always available to help. We continue to work with Empire Self Storage to optimize his site and offer marketing advice. If you would like to know how to make your site work for you give us a call. We understand what makes websites successful and we would love to bring the knowledge to bat for you.

Culver Meadows Adult Fost Care Facility

Culver Meadows adult foster care facility has been serving the Grand Traverse area and all of Northern Michigan for over 20 years. They have been a great client of Pro Web Marketing for some time as well. When owners Brad and Trina decided it was time to redesign the website they indicated that they wanted a clean, yet not clinical design, that reflected the atmosphere they provide to their guests. We were eager to help!

Our team of graphic designers used a wood background to help give the site a scence of warmth and quality, and laid out the content in a way that is easy to read but brings the proper attention to the important details.

The biggest challenge of modern websites is keeping them current and relevant. Not only do design styles change quickly, but guidelines for search engine optimization are constantly evolving as well. Our Web developers created a custom theme for Culver Meadows in the WordPress content management platform that meets all modern web standard. Pro Web Marketing adopted responsive web design as our standard very early on to make sure our clients web sites are optimized to be viewed on screen sizes from mobile devices such as phones and tablets to large monitors. User experience is an important part of website ranking on search engines such as Google and Bing, as is making sure the information on websites are up to date. The WordPress content management system allows for easy site updates and maintenance. Culver Meadows will no longer have to call a web developer to change the verbiage on their website or to add photos. Of course if for any reason they need help, Pro Web Marketing will be right here to help in anyway we can.

After the new website was live, our marketing team worked with Culver Meadows, to make sure the site was optimized to be found on search engines. We targeted the keywords that folks are actively searching for when looking for the services Brad and Trina’s team has to offer.

If you suspect that it may be time upgrade your website, or if you need help being found online, give us a call. We have a team of graphic designers, web developers, programers, and marketing folks that will work hard to make sure that your business identity and online presence is up to date and effective. Simply give us a call at 877 577 6932 or request a quote here. Put our team of professionals to work for you today. You won’t regret it!

Rain, snow, or sleet Locally targeted SEO matters.

Any business owner knows that in this beautiful spring we’re having customers are less likely to walk in the door through inches of snow. Getting the customers in the door, even in bad weather is the goal of any business and for many companies using search engine optimization is the best way to increase this traffic. With the classic ideas of trying to rank higher in the search engine many companies end up behind dozens of national companies on the coveted front page of google. Here at Proweb Marketing we are focusing on local optimization, so instead of battling it out with national sites you are only competing for space against other local businesses.

In a study by Pew Internet statistics 1100 Americans were surveyed about their local shopping preferences. In this study over half of all surveyed said they most relied on the internet when looking for local business options, more than newspapers or even word of mouth. This means that right here in Traverse City more people googled fine dining than asked their friends for reccomendations of where to go on that special night out.

Instead of being part of the millions of businesses out there vying for the national front page results of google, take a que from us and target the local area first. Because at the end of the day getting 5 customers from the TC area is always better than getting 1 potential customer from across the country.

If doint the research and spending hours coming up with potent local strategies doesn’t sound like a fun way to spend the next few weekends you can always contact us via this page or by phone at.  877.577.6932.

YouTube views as profit

When videos go viral on youtube, the video-poster can profit immensely. Videos such as the Keyboard Cat, David after the dentist, Charlie bit my finger and many more have all become a part of this ‘youtube effect.’ The following article really dives into how quickly youtube has made a huge impact on the advertising world, and even the effect that it has had on our society. Take a few minutes to read this article posted by Time Magazine, it is very interesting!,9171,1938731,00.html

In A Nutshell

Social media is without a doubt the hot new marketing arena, but who has the additional time needed to manage these tools? When it comes to social media, successful campaigns share the same base as all sound business ventures; planning. Set aside a block of time to devote you your social media accounts, whatever is manageable for you, and stick to it. Also consider the most efficient methods for interacting with your circle: making meaningful posts and commenting. If social media is treated as meaningless, it will have no effect, or a negative effect on your business. It’s better to say a few well sculpted things than to talk all night and say nothing at all. If you are currently using more than one social media outlet, sign up for Nutshell Mail ( a program that sends you all your update in one email, cutting down on the time you spend deleting notifications.

Tips On Building Back Links

The most important factor for successful SEO is getting superior quality back links. It is easier to optimize the content of the website, but for getting quality links is based on the decision of the other person. This is because; back links originate from other website and reach your website. You can have a dialogue with the owners of other websites regarding anchor text. Although you cannot regulate the back links, you can control other factors:

Get Back links Naturally: One of the algorithms used by search engines is back links. Having more back links would indicate the popularity of the website. However, the weight age of the back links would increase only if the website contains relevant content. Hence, you should look at other alternatives for promoting your website.

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What is Internet Marketing?

Internet marketing is the practice of using internet for marketing of products or services. Sometimes called as I-marketing, web marketing, online marketing, or eMarketing.

The main feature for internet marketing is the quick response. This includes the Internet, e-mail, and wireless media, management of digital customer data and electronic customer relationship management systems. Electronic CRM manages relationship with the customers with the use of information technology.

Internet marketing also refers to the placement of media along various stages of the customer engagement cycle through search engine marketing (SEM), search engine optimization (SEO), banner ads on specific websites, email marketing.

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