Domain Names

Domain, domain, domain

Domain names are like one’s identity as well as location on the Internet, and we all know it’s all about location, location, location. Having a relevant domain name is vital, but also coming up with one that’s easy to remember. Creating a domain name that is at least close to the actual name of your business is ideal. This is because consumers can thus easily learn a single identity rather than two separate names. Just something to think about when coming up with your domain!

Choosing a Domain Name – What is important?

Many of our customers ask us for advice on choosing a domain name.  Often, our solutions boil down to a few quick steps to choosing one that works for usability, brand recognition, and search engine optimization.

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First Step When Building a Website – Your Domain Name

Registering a domain is one of the first steps when building a website. A domain name is your “virtual” internet address and is what your potential consumers will be using to find your business online.  Take your time; it is important not to rush into this process. Remember your domain will be used often and in many areas of your business. It should be show on your business cards, vehicle decals, radio ads, tv commercials, billboards, print ads, and paperwork.

Here are the basic rules when choosing a domain name:

– Using an extension that matches your type of business entity.
– Keeping the domain name as short as possible.
– Including words that are easy to spell.
– Choosing keywords or key phrases as part of the domain name.
– Using words based on your business name or the product or service you offer.

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