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Microsoft’s Free Live Sync Software

If you are looking for an alternative to backing up your files or you need to have your files available on two or more computers, I recommend taking a look at Microsoft’s free tool “Live Sync”.  This is a small download that allows you to sync folders you choose to another computer.   Sign up free at https://www.foldershare.com/

Why You Should Upgrade Your Web Browser

The fact of the matter is that technology is changing at a rate now of exponential capacities. So this also means that the web is changing as too. Along with these changes are modifications to how browsers display Websites. The one browser that is really giving many Web developers problems these days is the old fashioned Internet Explorer 6, which ships with Windows XP. This browser also still holds around 15.3% of the total market share in browsers since September of this year. Still think that this is a decent market share? No its not considering that just this year it held around 25% of the market share. Yep, people are upgrading that fast. Just last year it held around 50% of the market share. The fact is that

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Catch a Ride on Google Wave!

Google has developed yet again a new way of communicating with others. At the Google I/O conference in San Francisco earlier this year Google announced Google Wave which is basically an online real-time communication and collaboration tool. A Wave both a conversation and a document where people can discuss and work on together in real time using text, photos, videos, maps and much more. Any participant that is on the Wave can reply in a message, edit the content and also add participants at any time. The Wave is also live in real-time. So if your interested in getting on the Wave then go to Google and request an invite today.