Don’t Forget to Polish Up Your Web Presence As Part of Your Spring Cleaning!

The trees are budding, birds are singing, and there is snow in the air, this can only mean one thing: spring has come to Northern Michigan! Just down the line are the mild and relaxing days of summer . . .The time is upon us to open the windows (well almost), repaint the store front, and prepare for the army of tourists that will be filling our streets and our economy.  As people come to town and are unfamiliar with the local businesses, they will turn to the almighty internet for sagely directions and advice so make sure your website is up to date and polished for their arrival!

Pro Web Marketing Sponors Iceman Race

We are proud to announce that Pro Web Marketing is sponsoring a mountain bike racer Rob Hulwick, in the annual 2009 Iceman Cometh Challenge Race. Rob is an avid biker, enjoys training with his wife Robin Hulwick and has prepared for this race all year.

The race is to begin this weekend, Sat. Nov. 7th, 2009.  The trail route is a grueling, off-road 28 miles starting in Kakaska, Michigan and ending at Timber Ridge RV & Recreation Resort on the eastern edge of Traverse City, Michigan. Ages range from 3 years to 82 years old and range in all skill levels.  The race attracts thousands of spectators and athletes from all over the country and in 2008 3,001 athletes from 36 states competed.

We wish Rob the best of luck and are happy to be apart of this event. For more information about this race please visit:

Graphic Design Branding

When creating a logo design for your business you should always keep in mind that what ever color scheme or design you choose will carry through to your business advertising campaigns, letterhead, and other materials.  Your logo will brand your business and create a visual for your customers to remember who you are and what products or services your business provides them.  Choose a design that sets your business off from the rest of your competition.

9 Reasons Your Business Should Have a Web Site

1.  Your web site provides customers with basic contact information.

2.  Many people research products and services on the internet prior to their purchase.

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Get the Most Out of Online Networking

Networking online these days is a great business tool to allow you to not only connect with those in your industry, but may also be a great marketing tool for drumming up new business leads.  Two great business networking sites are:

LinkedIn – Which allows you to post comments, articles and join groups in your profession

Biznik – Provides you with the opportunity to post articles pertaining to your business, rfps and job postings

The Future of E-mail Marketing

For years e-mail has been the success of sites to drive awareness and also to engage your potential clients to keep coming back to your website for more. This is a large part of marketing a website.

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