Using Non-Standard Fonts – Solutions and Issues

One of the more challenging obstacles in website design are the limits imposed on designers by the idea of “web fonts”.  Web fonts are the few type faces which are installed on every system globally.  To maintain a consistent look to all users, most designers will stick to using those few fonts (Verdana, Arial, Times, Georgia, and Palatino are most common) or use images to replace headers.  This former solution causes a very stale, plain look that users see on every website they visit.  The latter can seriously hurt your search engine rankings.  Neither of those sound very appealing!

Innovative and curious as the developers are Pro Web Marketing are, we’ve found several alternatives that can avoid the downsides of traditional solutions.

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New Website Project For Northern Granite

We are wrapping up a new website for Northern Granite. Located in Northern Michigan, Northern Granite leads the way in great products and services in the tabletop industry. We chose a great color palette the suit type of company they are. We kept it earthy and also fresh vibrant. keep a look out for the live site in the next few weeks.

New Project for Hertler Construction

We are in the works of a new Website for Hertler Construction. This Website has been specifically designed to keep the consistent brand of the logo and the company’s mission of how they work inline with each other. They are recognized for being a well organized, clean and efficient company. They create high end construction projects on any scale. This site clearly showcases two galleries of work consisting of Residential and Commercial projects. The site displays some new project sections to display what Hertler Construction has been up to.

Look for www.hertlerconstruction.com to launch in the next few weeks!

Brand New Website Finished for Creative Stone Designs

We just finished a new Website for Creative Stone Designs in Traverse City. The client wanted a very clean and simple Website that really emphasized the work that they have done. This is exactly what we did for them. The site is a showcases all aspects of their business in galleries. These galleries use jquery galleries to slide you through each image. The images are navigated by the viewer at their own speed. The site also has two clearly viewed Google maps to show each company location. There is also information regarding detailed services along with frequently asked questions about the business.

Visit www.creativestonedesignsinc.com to view the site!!

CSS and Divs vs Tables

When it comes to building sites some people are still using tables to create their layouts.  While these still may work they are outdated and can look unprofessional.  This is where CSS and Divs come in.  Not only are they the new and latest design technique but they also can give your site a superior look.  Some other benefits to using CSS and Divs include faster load times, cross-browser compatibility, lower hosting costs, less time spent, consistency maintained, easier for SEO, etc.

New Project For Cedar Creek Interiors

We have been working on a another new and exciting Website for Cedar Creek Interiors. We have put together for them  a very unique Website that will display there vast inventory of in-house products and also catalog only items. The site has a break down of four categories; Cottages, Rustic, Traditional and Transitional. Each page will highlight the category and give a brief view of what they offer. As a customer your able to just scratch the surface of the site or you can dive in deep to get full catalog views of all products available. Cedar Creek Interiors originally wanted a site that gave a very strong sense of who they were in the design. We took this in mind and created a site that is elegant and informational at the same time.

Look back later for the new www.cedarcreekinteriors.com Website in a few weeks!!

New Project for Daddy Mac’s Snacks

Another one of our newest client Websites is for Daddy Mac’s Snacks. Located in Traverse City, Daddy Mac’s has been a large part of the snack industry in the area and decided it was time to take his business to the next level. That meant taking sales online with a great looking Website that would attract new customers and generate interest in his many products. The site consists mainly of the company information and will soon be taking sales of his snacks online.

Check back at www.daddymacsnacks.com for the Website launch!

FIM Group – An Extensive Re-Design Project

FIM Group is a fee-only investment management firm located in Traverse City.  They serve a lot of high-profile clientele and bring a lot of online functionality to their services with their website. 

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Pro Web Marketing Sponors Iceman Race

We are proud to announce that Pro Web Marketing is sponsoring a mountain bike racer Rob Hulwick, in the annual 2009 Iceman Cometh Challenge Race. Rob is an avid biker, enjoys training with his wife Robin Hulwick and has prepared for this race all year.

The race is to begin this weekend, Sat. Nov. 7th, 2009.  The trail route is a grueling, off-road 28 miles starting in Kakaska, Michigan and ending at Timber Ridge RV & Recreation Resort on the eastern edge of Traverse City, Michigan. Ages range from 3 years to 82 years old and range in all skill levels.  The race attracts thousands of spectators and athletes from all over the country and in 2008 3,001 athletes from 36 states competed.

We wish Rob the best of luck and are happy to be apart of this event. For more information about this race please visit: www.iceman.com

Quality Web Content and Why it’s Important!

Many people believe that content on the web is just text that has been added to a site to tell about the company. It information is actually much much more than this. A Web sites content is the backbone of what a Web site is there to do. All of this important content needs to be relevant to the business and quickly and directly tell the target market what it is this business does before losing there interest in a sea of letters and paragraphs.

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