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Rifle Season is in Full Swing

Even though we all are thinking about how bad the economy is, people are still making it out this Rifle season to bring home the meat! The season is in full swing and local area hunting enthusiasts are bringing down bucks. The department of Natural Resources announces that 34 deer were brought through there station on Wednesday alone. I myself went out on opening day and sat with a friend of mine and got his input on last years hunt from. He said that there just wasn’t as many hunters out that he usually has seen in previous year. He wasn’t really sure yet what that meant or even if this season was going to be great at all for hunting. This really makes me believe that

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City Plans to Sue Charter Over channels

Charter communications is planning to rearrange certain public broadcasting channels. They are trying to move the channels 2 and 13 up to 96 and 97 as early as the first of December. It seems that Charter has decline talking to the record eagle about the whole thing. As they try to continue supporting themselves as a company it doesn’t seem like that have any interest in supporting local initiatives for our area. This type of move could severely damage the non profit stations mass of viewers.

Typography and the Web

Throughout the past few years Typography for the web has been going through some changes. Before designers were unable to work with fonts they wanted without using images of the text. Most browsers will only read certain types of system fonts which has hindered the designers creativity. We have been constantly searching new tricks and ways to display better fonts in browsers and nothing has really seemed to work well with search engines. Until recently there has been a new way to create editable text in web browsers…..

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New Project for Hertler Construction

We are in the works of a new Website for Hertler Construction. This Website has been specifically designed to keep the consistent brand of the logo and the company’s mission of how they work inline with each other. They are recognized for being a well organized, clean and efficient company. They create high end construction projects on any scale. This site clearly showcases two galleries of work consisting of Residential and Commercial projects. The site displays some new project sections to display what Hertler Construction has been up to.

Look for to launch in the next few weeks!

Brand New Website Finished for Creative Stone Designs

We just finished a new Website for Creative Stone Designs in Traverse City. The client wanted a very clean and simple Website that really emphasized the work that they have done. This is exactly what we did for them. The site is a showcases all aspects of their business in galleries. These galleries use jquery galleries to slide you through each image. The images are navigated by the viewer at their own speed. The site also has two clearly viewed Google maps to show each company location. There is also information regarding detailed services along with frequently asked questions about the business.

Visit to view the site!!

Easily Share/Promote Your Web Site

You have your web site up and running or you have just added some important posts to your Blog.  How do you make it as easy as possible to for people to share this information?

Here is a free web-based tool that does just that.  It is called ‘Add This’ and can be seen here at this web site:

You pick the options you want and the site will automatically generate the HTML code needed. You simply copy/paste this this code and place it on your Web site or with-in the template of your blog.

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CSS and Divs vs Tables

When it comes to building sites some people are still using tables to create their layouts.  While these still may work they are outdated and can look unprofessional.  This is where CSS and Divs come in.  Not only are they the new and latest design technique but they also can give your site a superior look.  Some other benefits to using CSS and Divs include faster load times, cross-browser compatibility, lower hosting costs, less time spent, consistency maintained, easier for SEO, etc.

Maximizing Your Website’s Full Potential

Whether your website is for business or personal use its important to follow certain guidelines to ensure users have a good experience .

Theme/Color – This is the first impression the user gets when visiting your site and can be the determining factor if they stay or leave.  When creating a theme for your site keep it simple.  The easiest way to do this is by designating areas for your header (logo/banner), navigation, content, and footer (copyright, contact info, etc) that fit together to create a square/rectangle on the page.  When picking colors try picking ones that flow together and are easy on the users eyes.  There are many tools on the web that can assist with this such as a color wheel which help with getting lighter/darker shades and colors that compliment each other.

Navigation/Menu – This is another crucial part to your site and should be visible on all pages near the top or in a sidebar for easy access.  A menu may also be placed at the bottom for your users convenience if your site content is long or you have a flash (elderly users or older browsers may not recognize this) navigation.  However the bottom of your page shouldn’t  be the primary source of navigation.  Another thing to remember is to never have broken links because they look unprofessional and can frustrate the user.  Even if a page is not up yet you should still never leave the link broken.  Simply create a page letting the user know the page is currently under construction and to check back.

Content – This can also make or break your website.  When adding content be sure to break it up with line breaks, bullets, images, different alignment, etc.  A user does not want to sit and read a wall of text, they want to get the key information easily.  If a page is really long there may be a chance that you could take a section and place it on its own page.  You also want to make sure you keep related information together and unrelated information apart to avoid confusion from the user.

Footer – The final thing in maximizing your sites potential is creating a footer for the bottom of your pages.  A footer should contain copyright information and your contact information such as address, phone, e-mail, etc for quick access to the user.   The footer should not however replace a contact page.

New Clients – Redmond Automotive

Redmond Automotive is a great example of a long time Traverse City local business.  They have been serving customers for their automotive needs for 25 years, and are located on 14th street in the middle of Traverse City.  We have been working with them to create a website that is extremely straightforward, simple, and easy to use for their potential customers.

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