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Easily Share/Promote Your Web Site

You have your web site up and running or you have just added some important posts to your Blog.  How do you make it as easy as possible to for people to share this information?

Here is a free web-based tool that does just that.  It is called ‘Add This’ and can be seen here at this web site:

You pick the options you want and the site will automatically generate the HTML code needed. You simply copy/paste this this code and place it on your Web site or with-in the template of your blog.

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Social Media Crimes

Now that more and more people and also businesses are signing up with Social Media networks such as Linkedin, Facebook and Myspace, these sites are starting to get hit by cyber criminals. In 2006 nearly 3,200 account hijacking cases have been reported at the Internet Crime Complaint Center. Ok so here is how this is now happening and how you can be aware of this and protect yourself from harm.

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