Unwanted e-mail: Solution!

Ever wonder how to put an end to all the emails you are getting from businesses that you didn’t seem to ask for? For some, this might be nice, being updated on specials and such that they would have otherwise not been aware. Thankfully now you most likely have to opt-in to receive these emails, but you can also unsubscribe from their emailing list, which you may not have even realized you signed up for. Usually at the bottom of the email, in small print, it links you to a site where you are prompted to verify your password and then are able to unsubscribe from the given site. Hope this helps!

Collaborating Files & Projects Safely & Securely

Today, communication goes way beyond the telephone and “snail mail.”  Businesses have changed the way they conduct transactions both with their staff and clients.  E-mail has now surpassed all other conventional communications and with that comes security issues that arise when the email is being transferred from the sender to the recipient.  Hackers love emails with attachments.  They are able to break into secure hubs and snatch your files.

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The Future of E-mail Marketing

For years e-mail has been the success of sites to drive awareness and also to engage your potential clients to keep coming back to your website for more. This is a large part of marketing a website.

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