Traverse City

Don’t Forget to Polish Up Your Web Presence As Part of Your Spring Cleaning!

The trees are budding, birds are singing, and there is snow in the air, this can only mean one thing: spring has come to Northern Michigan! Just down the line are the mild and relaxing days of summer . . .The time is upon us to open the windows (well almost), repaint the store front, and prepare for the army of tourists that will be filling our streets and our economy.  As people come to town and are unfamiliar with the local businesses, they will turn to the almighty internet for sagely directions and advice so make sure your website is up to date and polished for their arrival!

City Plans to Sue Charter Over channels

Charter communications is planning to rearrange certain public broadcasting channels. They are trying to move the channels 2 and 13 up to 96 and 97 as early as the first of December. It seems that Charter has decline talking to the record eagle about the whole thing. As they try to continue supporting themselves as a company it doesn’t seem like that have any interest in supporting local initiatives for our area. This type of move could severely damage the non profit stations mass of viewers.

New Clients – Redmond Automotive

Redmond Automotive is a great example of a long time Traverse City local business.  They have been serving customers for their automotive needs for 25 years, and are located on 14th street in the middle of Traverse City.  We have been working with them to create a website that is extremely straightforward, simple, and easy to use for their potential customers.

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Pro Web Marketing Joins Traverse City Chamber of Commerce

We are now proud members of the local Traverse City Chamber of Commerce!

It has been about two years since our last membership. Our company has been growing and we have not had time to allocate to organizations such as this . Although, over the last few years we have worked hard to bring on more resources. Having these resources in place, now gives us the chance to take full advantage of all the opportunities the Chamber has to offer.

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