Using Non-Standard Fonts – Solutions and Issues

One of the more challenging obstacles in website design are the limits imposed on designers by the idea of “web fonts”.  Web fonts are the few type faces which are installed on every system globally.  To maintain a consistent look to all users, most designers will stick to using those few fonts (Verdana, Arial, Times, Georgia, and Palatino are most common) or use images to replace headers.  This former solution causes a very stale, plain look that users see on every website they visit.  The latter can seriously hurt your search engine rankings.  Neither of those sound very appealing!

Innovative and curious as the developers are Pro Web Marketing are, we’ve found several alternatives that can avoid the downsides of traditional solutions.

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More Bang For Your Buck

Let ”s just take a minute and talk about budgeting your next design project. I understand that this year has been rough but I think it”s true when I say we should all be proactive when it comes to running a business this year. This holds true to revamping advertising ideas and marketing strategies to reinvent how to generate larger revenue. I would like to talk about a few things that will make revamping your next project to be more streamlined and to also help you save cost on a professional designer.

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Invest In Expert Design

Of course we all want more for a decent price this year. Now when this topic comes to design and web development it is always a good thing to invest wise when it comes to your upcoming design project. Whether your representing your company with a new brand or advertising with print ads, you will want to make sure you get a professional to do the work.

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Typography and the Web

Throughout the past few years Typography for the web has been going through some changes. Before designers were unable to work with fonts they wanted without using images of the text. Most browsers will only read certain types of system fonts which has hindered the designers creativity. We have been constantly searching new tricks and ways to display better fonts in browsers and nothing has really seemed to work well with search engines. Until recently there has been a new way to create editable text in web browsers…..

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9 Reasons Your Business Should Have a Web Site

1.  Your web site provides customers with basic contact information.

2.  Many people research products and services on the internet prior to their purchase.

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Design Outside the Grid

Recently I have noticed many trends with Web sites. It is usually the same old layouts with strict columns and a box style grid. It is time for a change and to have some more thought out layouts than just columns with a header and footer.

The future of Web sites involves using a background image along with the layout in conjunction. For many years we have put patterns and one color backgrounds in our sites. It is time to  evolve into large background images and integrating those images into the layout of Web sites.

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