social media

In A Nutshell

Social media is without a doubt the hot new marketing arena, but who has the additional time needed to manage these tools? When it comes to social media, successful campaigns share the same base as all sound business ventures; planning. Set aside a block of time to devote you your social media accounts, whatever is manageable for you, and stick to it. Also consider the most efficient methods for interacting with your circle: making meaningful posts and commenting. If social media is treated as meaningless, it will have no effect, or a negative effect on your business. It’s better to say a few well sculpted things than to talk all night and say nothing at all. If you are currently using more than one social media outlet, sign up for Nutshell Mail ( a program that sends you all your update in one email, cutting down on the time you spend deleting notifications.

Social Media Crimes

Now that more and more people and also businesses are signing up with Social Media networks such as Linkedin, Facebook and Myspace, these sites are starting to get hit by cyber criminals. In 2006 nearly 3,200 account hijacking cases have been reported at the Internet Crime Complaint Center. Ok so here is how this is now happening and how you can be aware of this and protect yourself from harm.

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