Using Non-Standard Fonts – Solutions and Issues

One of the more challenging obstacles in website design are the limits imposed on designers by the idea of “web fonts”.  Web fonts are the few type faces which are installed on every system globally.  To maintain a consistent look to all users, most designers will stick to using those few fonts (Verdana, Arial, Times, Georgia, and Palatino are most common) or use images to replace headers.  This former solution causes a very stale, plain look that users see on every website they visit.  The latter can seriously hurt your search engine rankings.  Neither of those sound very appealing!

Innovative and curious as the developers are Pro Web Marketing are, we’ve found several alternatives that can avoid the downsides of traditional solutions.

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Why You Should Upgrade Your Web Browser

The fact of the matter is that technology is changing at a rate now of exponential capacities. So this also means that the web is changing as too. Along with these changes are modifications to how browsers display Websites. The one browser that is really giving many Web developers problems these days is the old fashioned Internet Explorer 6, which ships with Windows XP. This browser also still holds around 15.3% of the total market share in browsers since September of this year. Still think that this is a decent market share? No its not considering that just this year it held around 25% of the market share. Yep, people are upgrading that fast. Just last year it held around 50% of the market share. The fact is that

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