Why a Professionally Designed Logo is Essential to any Business

What is one of the first tasks associated with starting a new business? Yep that’s right, a Logo. Having a business with out a Logo is like putting your pants on your head in the morning. I’m sure you have heard the this phrase from your parents some time back in the day, “First Impressions are everything”. This was usually the result of you trying to head out the door in jeans to your first job interview at 16. This realization has been pushed on us since we could understand what the word “mom” meant. Make a good impression and you will go far.

Well this all trickles down to having your business Logo professionally designed by people who were trained to create stunning graphics that prove to your clients you are a professional company that knows how to do things the right way. It is very important to realize a few key elements that make up a great Logo.


The style of the Logo is very important and it must portray what type of business your in with imagery. The brain can process images faster than reading them. If your a painting company your Logo should having an essence of paint in it.


This is one of the most important aspects of the Logo. The typography must also match the style of the business. Classic, edgy, technical, these are all kinds ways to relate type to the Logo.

Don’t go Generic

Having a generic Logo that was created from clip art is not exactly original and most of the time won’t spark the interest in potentially new clients. The design should be nothing seen before. Creativeness is aesthetically pleasing to the eye .


Logos also need to be designed to work with any medium large and small. This means that the design must be legible when small on business cards and also when put on billboards. This is cost effective as well and means you won’t have to redesign a second Logo for smaller marketing materials.


One logo needs to be done right the first time! This means you won’t want to change the colors of the logo down the road.


A Logo has to be timeless and be able to last through at least 8 years before redesigning.

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