Want to Start a Blog?

Blogs are really a great thing to have. Especially if your an aspiring Photographer. Having a blog up will help prospective new clients see what your working on from day to day. Photographers can go out into the field, snap some photos then return to post them and tell about your experiences with your outing. You can explain pros and cons to educate following newbie photographers.

This will pull you in a good base of readers which will then lead to networking with people in the industry. A Blog is also a place to see your progression of work and see where you were six months ago with your work. Due to advances in technology, Photographers have really needed to keep up on evolving trends and industry new comings. Cameras have been getting so advanced that they are marketing them as anyone can take a good photo now.

Another great aspect of having the Blog is the added extra bonuses you can have behind-the-scenes videos and photos. Your visitors can comment about your work. You can market the link to your Blog on other websites and web articles. keeping up on a Blog is also important and is a lot of work, but it can also get much easier once you get into the swing of it. Here are a couple main points to remember when doing a Blog.

  • Post often, probably at least once a week.
  • Use images in your posts to illustrate your point.
  • Encourage feedback.
  • Have fun with it!

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