The Basics of Web Graphic Design

As you browse the web everyday, you would have come across innumerable websites that fail to impress both in terms of graphics and design. These websites are not formatted properly and consumes valuable time in loading. Are you aware of the reasons for this? These websites are not created by professional web designer and is done by an amateur with little or no experience in web designing and graphical presentations.

It is advisable to appoint a designing organization or a web designer to create a website with professional outlook. A professional web designer will avoid the mistakes made by the website owner and amateurs.

A professional looking and impressive website is built on the principles of ‘KISS’ or Keep It Simple Stupid basis.

Let us have a look at the basics of web designing:
•    Background color: The color of the website background should not be too bright. Too bright colors would strain the eyes quickly and would deter the visitors from staying at the site for long. So, just visit some of the websites and check, how long you feel comfortable looking at the background without causing strain to the eyes. Choose a color, which is soothing to your eyes.

•    Content: The color of the text should be readable. Use colors such as black or gray, which can be read without straining the eyes. These colors give a professional look to the website. Also, use the same font all across the website, with the only exception of the title. Likewise, keep the font size uniform. Using several font size in a website gives it an immature look. Use a font size that enables the visitor to read the content without any hassles. At the most make use of 3 types of fonts. Do not select the fonts in a haphazard way. Select the fonts carefully. The overall appearance of the website should be neat and simple.

•    Page Size: Break the content of the website in to several pages. Having a very long page will deter the visitors to stay at the website.  Thus, you need to plan the page length carefully, so as to capture your visitor’s attention.

In case you are making use of graphical presentations or things such as oil paintings, always keep it simple. It is observed that abstract art form works better as compared to the detailed reproductions of art.

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