Logo Design and Branding For Your Business


When most people think of branding, they think of a logo. What most business owners don’t understand is that a logo just scratches the surface of branding; it’s merely the visual representation. A brand is so much more. It is the collection of thoughts, perceptions, and ideas that a person has about a company. It’s the company’s personality.

In other words, a brand really only lives inside of our heads. Crazy, eh?

Logo Design By Pro Web Marketing

Logo Design By Pro Web Marketing

For instance, when you think of Nike you absolutely think of the “swoosh.” But in reality, that logo is just a visual indicator that brings up so many more ideas—concepts of strength, perseverance, and tenacity. You might envision an athlete running on a track. You might remember one of the most challenging obstacles you have overcome.

All of these ideas are carefully portrayed by Nike through colors, imagery choice, and verbal tone in all of their marketing materials from print to digital. The logo merely acts as a reminder of the brand.

When a repeated logo is combined with a repeated and consistent brand message, something magical happens. A company suddenly begins to embody a personality, it begins to connect and resonate with an audience.

Without branding, a company is lifeless, empty, and intangible.

At Pro Web, you’ll hear us talk a lot about branding. We’ll bring it up again and again as we work through your website and print materials, helping to ensure that the message is consistent.

It’s just one of the ways we go beyond a website to make your entire marketing strategy—and your company—successful.