How to Benefit By Using Facebook

Let us have a look at important steps you need to follow:
•    Use keywords in your site name
•    What is your site about- Contents of this cannot be altered. You will need to open another page in case you want to change the information.
•    Create an image of maximum 200×600 and use your imagination.
•     Given below is the list of core applications and its benefits:
1.    Use Static HTML to get customized page.
2.     Facebook Notes – You can place rss feed from blogs here.  You can combine Friendfeed and rss feed for twitter posts, multiple blogs, and youtube posts, etc.
3. app for Business Pages: Though it is slightly difficult to set up, it saves you double work of posting.

•    Links connect to a URL. You can use images to make it look attractive.
•    Use events application
•    For videos, use Video app
•    Add an opt-in form for blog subscription, newsletter.
•    Use Images as front end links that enter your website. You can use Gimp, Powerpoint, Fireworks to create images. For HTML editor you can use Dreamweaver, CoffeeCup, or Frontpage.
•    Communicate with friends through email, suggest links to friends, and create a link with Fan Box. Make use of website, email signature, e-newsletter, website, blog and email blast

Advantages of Facebook Page Ads
1.    Search Engines index them
2.    Create a community
3.    Connected: If the website has useful information, you will have more visitors and fans.

Change Settings – Default View for Wall >> Posts by Page and Fans
Default Landing Tab for Others >> Customize Welcome Landing Page
Fan Permissions >> allow/disallow fan posts,

Increase your community:

1) If you are promoting a product, add galleries and pictures.
2) Add ebay RSS feed to Notes application of Facebook.
3) Customize landing page, put images and banner ads on the site.
4) Add a link to your online store in all the posts.
5) Create new videos regularly and post it on Facebook, Youtube etc.
6) Provide useful information such as tips, product reviews, storage ideas, points to remember while buying, related accessories, do’s and don’ts, gift ideas and the latest, FAQ, advantages of shopping offered by your site.
7) Include Newsletter
8) Always give response to the people who post on your page. Take it as an opportunity to learn what your visitors want. Provide your visitors with the useful content. If you have to write a big post for it, you should do it.

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