5 Tips to a Better Optimized Web Site

Good grammar is essential

When a search engine indexes the text of your web site, it won’t correct the grammatical errors you may have within that text.  It is imperative that you use good grammar, have no misspelled words, commas are where they should be, and use variants such as plurals and non plural words throughout your text.

Pdfs are a no no!

Whenever you can avoid using a .pdf version of a menu, article, ect. do it.  Not only is it unpleasant for the person who landed on your page to have to download a .pdf to view it, but none of that wonderful text is available for search engines to index.  To the search engine, your .pdf is nothing more than a photo format.  Include your text directly into the coding of your web site.

Use Keyword Phrases instead of one word wonders

If you ask the general public “how many words do you type into the search engine to find what you are looking for?”  The would not undoubtedly say more than one and less than five.  So the happy median here when adding keywords to your web site content or meta tags is a three word string.  If you only had “trailers” you would not make it any where near the top of the search.  If you added “Traverse City Trailers” you will have found trailers located in a geographic location.   You have a better chance of getting closer to the top.

Hidden text is a no no!

When designing your web site, make sure that your links are visible in a different color than the text and that any text or link colors are not blending in or invisible on your web site.  This is a tactic used in what is termed “Black Hat SEO” and the search engines, especially Google, frowns upon this tactic.  Your web site could be seriously hurt in the search engine placement if this method is used.

Oh my, another browser window?

Back when web site where first being designed, frames and popup windows were everywhere.  Today, they are annoying to your prospective web searcher.  In fact, many search engines today do not index text inserted into frames as part of your most important page, your home page.

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