WordPress Platform

The WordPress platform is a content management system. WordPress powers over 43% of all websites. It may surprise you that well known websites like whitehouse.gov and sonymusic.com are WordPress websites just to name a couple.

There are millions of themes (template) for the design foundation of a WordPress website. Here at Pro Web Marketing we use our own custom theme that is further customized for each website’s needs that we design.

WordPress is secure, supports all media types and is SEO friendly. WordPress is also easy to make updates to content and pictures or to add a page. We offer training to our clients for updating their website if they would like. If they would rather not, we have hosting plans that that start with at 1 hour a month of free updates.

Our WordPress sites start at only $1,000 for a 1-6 page site, visit our pricing page for more information.

Call us at 877-577-6932 for all your website design and hosting needs.