Everyone knows what a website is, but did you know that in order for your website to be seen it needs to be “hosted” on a server. There are many companies both locally and nationally that provide that service.

Back in 2020 we authored an article titled “Does it really matter where my website is hosted?” In that article we talked about the different types of hosting available and what to look for. We also talked about our servers being thoughtfully managed and that was the “Pro Web Difference.”

Our hosting has not changed since we wrote that article. Websites on our server are still thoughtfully managed, are still very secure, are still backed up daily and guaranteed 99.9% uptime. And we still provide top level customer service.

That is great you may say, but how much more expensive are you than other options? Depends on what you compare us to. With full-service plans starting at $25 per month we actually come in the least expensive for the services we provide.

With hosting there are many levels and services that may or may not be included in a plan. You can choose a large company that hosts millions of websites or a local company that hosts hundreds of websites.

National Hosting Companies

There are some plans that after initial discount are as low as $10 per month. These low-cost plans are typically available from the national companies like GoDaddy, Amazon, Blue Host, etc., remember you get what you pay for.

Most of those low-cost plans have limits that may affect delivering your site to your potential customers. Limits on the number of visitors, bandwidth and storage are just a few. These plans are pretty bare bone, some do not even offer SSL certificates to show your site is secure (that little lock you see next to a URL). You can add additional products and services for additional fees. You are most likely going to be responsible for updating all plugins and other software on the site, keeping it up to date is important to keep your site secure.

Keeping it Local

Choosing a local company to host your server has the added benefit of reaching a person with relatively little wait or hassle. Local companies are part of the community, and we understand that word of mouth can make or break us. Locally there are several companies that offer hosting, and their plans start at $35 for basic hosting to a high of $140 for full-service hosting. Depending on the company, the basic hosting may not include an SSL, software updates and other critical services that you may not be able to do yourself.

Pro Web Marketing offers many different hosting plans starting with our base plan at $25 per month. With our base plan we provide:

  • Website Hosting
  • Up to 10 email addresses using up to a combined total of 10Gb of disk space.
  • SSL Security/HTTPS Encryption Implementation
  • Monitored Firewall
  • Monitored Security
  • Virus Monitoring and Daily Malware scans/removal
  • Manual and Automatic Software Updates
  • Daily/Weekly and Monthly Site Back Ups
  • Up to 1 hour per month of basic website updates (content, pictures, etc.)

Shared Hosting

Most hosting companies, including Pro Web Marketing, offer a shared hosting environment. Shared hosting is a single physical server hosting multiple sites. This allows your hosting company to utilize the resources on a single server to keep costs low. Your site is given a section of a server for your website files. There can be thousands of websites on a single server. Shared hosting is not a bad thing when done right.

Many hosting companies just keep adding websites to their servers until they are out of space. At Pro Web we thoughtfully manage our servers. Pro Web Marketing manages the total number of websites on a server so that we can allocate the resources based on each website’s needs. We have PCI Compliant servers for our eCommerce customers and offer other server options for those with different needs. We have protections in place to help prevent sites from being hacked. Should that occur there are additional security measures to prevent the hacker gaining access to other sites on the server.

Talk to Pro Web Marketing

Before deciding on who you are going to allow to host your online presence make sure the plan you choose will provide you with the security, services, and peace of mind you require. If you are ready to move your site to our thoughtfully managed servers contact us at [email protected] or give us a call at 877-577-6932 . We will help migrate your website and email if needed without any interruptions to service.