Web Fonts: Revisiting an old problem

In a previous article about fonts and web standards, we discussed the problems designers face with fonts on the web and some various solutions.  Today’s article brings an update to the field in the form of a few new contenders on the web-font battlefield.

Font Squirrel’s @Font-Face Generator

@font-face was CSS’s original answer to the web-font question, but due to poor browser support and confusing implementation methods, it hasn’t yet taken off.  Font Squirrel’s generator, on the other hand, combines the @font-face declaration and uses a combination of javascript and CSS hacks to make it work in old, incompatible, and obscure browsers.


Typekit – A commercial approach

Typekit takes a new approach to web-fonts.  One of the forgotten (yet increasingly important) aspects of the web-font issue is the licensing.  With most solutions, designers use fonts online without thinking about licensing.  Typekit does all of that for you – at a cost.

Typekit is the first commercial model which hosts web fonts as a service.  Integration into your pages is supposed to be very easy and seamless.


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