Easily Share/Promote Your Web Site

You have your web site up and running or you have just added some important posts to your Blog.  How do you make it as easy as possible to for people to share this information?

Here is a free web-based tool that does just that.  It is called ‘Add This’ and can be seen here at this web site:


You pick the options you want and the site will automatically generate the HTML code needed. You simply copy/paste this this code and place it on your Web site or with-in the template of your blog.

If you are not exactly sure where to place the code, contact a friend that has basic HTML skills and they can help you. It should only take about 15 mins.

Now when someone wants to share an interesting blog post or page on your web site, they simply click on the icon that they have an account with. For example, if someone has a Facebook account, they click on the Facebook icon, login to there Facebook account, and they post a brief mention of your content. This generates more exposure for your site and is a great way to get traffic. It basically allows other people to promote your web site and blog, for no cost!

The other benefit of this tool is that once a person posts a mention of your content on there social networking account, it creates what is called a ‘back link’. A back link is simply a link on a web site that links to your web site. The more back links that you have from sites that have relevant, similar content, the better. Google and other search engines put a decent amount of weight on how many quality back links you have. Basically the more quality back links, the more important you site must be in the eyes of the search engines.

So if your looking for a free, easy to use tool that allows others to share and promote your site, then I would highly recommend using this service.

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