Updating old designs – Easy upgrades

The web is an ever-evolving medium – it never stays the same for more than a moment!  That is why your website needs to be updated frequently – not just in content, but in design.  Your website should be updated to stay current with the newest design practices as well as the newest tech tools and functionality.

This article discusses some simple things you can change on an old website without much effort or re-working of the HTML coding – ideal for situations where you don’t want to go for a full re-design but want to make some minor changes to improve your website’s appeal.

Background Images

The first easy switch that comes to mind is an updated background image.  Does your site have a plain color background?  You can really spice up a design by adding a gradient or texture to the background of the page overall – just make sure that it is congruent with the overall feel of the site!

Re-work Typography

Poorly thought-out (or rushed, as is usually the case) typography can cause a dated or otherwise unappealing look.  Put some thought into your fonts and heading styles and be sure to have ample line height.  By making everything more consistent from page to page and adding typographic contrast between headings and body text you will look your pages look cleaner.

Upgrade to CSS3!

New options in CSS3 make adding some pizazz to an old design easy.  Using new CSS3 styles like text-shadow, border radius, and more, you can add a layer of design precision to your websites that was previously only possible using images!

Use Brighter, Sharper Images

Using media and interface elements using higher quality images and more saturated colors in your design can bring a more modern look to your website.

Implement Sharing Tools

A truly easy upgrade for any website is adding a sharing tool, such as the Meebo Bar to the site.  While this doesn’t effect the design much, it does bring some modern functionality to the website with no coding required!

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