Design Outside the Grid

Recently I have noticed many trends with Web sites. It is usually the same old layouts with strict columns and a box style grid. It is time for a change and to have some more thought out layouts than just columns with a header and footer.

The future of Web sites involves using a background image along with the layout in conjunction. For many years we have put patterns and one color backgrounds in our sites. It is time to¬† evolve into large background images and integrating those images into the layout of Web sites. Overlap some images with text, extend them over other elements. Make things interesting to the viewer so they will want to be more visually engaged in the Web site. Don’t be afraid of white space. There is nothing wrong with it. Its there to push your eye to where you want your customer to go.

As a business owner please be aware of these evolving strategies and make sure you make the right decision when choosing who is creating your Web site.

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  1. Thank you for this useful tip about the design and background colors when creating a website.

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