Why You Should Upgrade Your Web Browser

The fact of the matter is that technology is changing at a rate now of exponential capacities. So this also means that the web is changing as too. Along with these changes are modifications to how browsers display Websites. The one browser that is really giving many Web developers problems these days is the old fashioned Internet Explorer 6, which ships with Windows XP. This browser also still holds around 15.3% of the total market share in browsers since September of this year. Still think that this is a decent market share? No its not considering that just this year it held around 25% of the market share. Yep, people are upgrading that fast. Just last year it held around 50% of the market share. The fact is thatInternet Explorer 6 does not recognize many modern techniques for building Website these days. Developers are starting to leave old techniques that IE6 employs in the dust. IE6 can’t recognize certain types of image transparencies which is now a huge part of how Web pages are now designed. Lacking these techniques it limits the creative genius that Web designers are needing to introduce to the world.

Other reasons why you should be upgrading are as follows:

  • IE6 is much less secure.
  • Support for this browser will not continue much longer.
  • It also has less features. Such as no tabbed browsing.
  • More Websites you browse will appear broken.

So for you sake and the sake of the internet please upgrade today and see the joy in the newest in Web design and how beautiful it really is. Don’t worry this won’t cost you a cent to upgrade either. It’s a free download from Microsoft or you can download Mozillas Firefox which also a very nice browser which has many great add-ons to enhance your browsing experience.

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