Rifle Season is in Full Swing

Even though we all are thinking about how bad the economy is, people are still making it out this Rifle season to bring home the meat! The season is in full swing and local area hunting enthusiasts are bringing down bucks. The department of Natural Resources announces that 34 deer were brought through there station on Wednesday alone. I myself went out on opening day and sat with a friend of mine and got his input on last years hunt from. He said that there just wasn’t as many hunters out that he usually has seen in previous year. He wasn’t really sure yet what that meant or even if this season was going to be great at all for hunting. This really makes me believe thatthe population of deer in Northern Michigan has decreased as obviously as it sounds. There are also other factors that play into this as well, the coats on deer in the warmer weather can also mean that deer won’ t move during the day time as much as usual. Maybe people are trying to save a little money on permits and shells and not going out this year. It is also much harder to see deer which there is no snow on the ground too. Another factor is more people are choosing to work on these days rather than taking the time off of work.

Well whatever the reason may be this season on the hunt or lack of hunting, I think it’s safe to say that regardless of economy and lack of snow the first week of the season the hunting will continue on.

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