New Traverse City stores to open downtown!

With summer just around the corner, Traverse City has begun opening a few new stores to draw in even more attention in the downtown area. Becky’s Flamingo Freeze opening June 1st will serve shakes, cones, smoothies and even pie with a main focus, of course, on cherries. The new frozen sweets store will be located at 801 West Front Street. Becky Collier, who with her husband currently owns the Pest Control business located on the same property, will run Becky’s Flamingo Freeze with the help of her grandkids.
Lisa Freeman, a Saugatuck native, will open Spice Merchants, a new spice shop coming to town. The store will have two locations: one will be located near the intersection of Front Street and Union Street, and the other will be in Building 50. Both locations are said to open on Memorial Day!
MicDaego’s is a new market/deli coming to downtown TC, as well. It will be located at 321 E. Front St. and is set to open the first week of June. The owners Jannette Winstanley and Joseph Balsam plan to give it a 50’s feel for customers. All of these sound like great reasons to make it downtown in the next couple of weeks!

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