The Benefits Of Using Twitter

The other name for twitter is micro blogging, which is becoming immensely popular as a medium of social networking. The medium is based on letting people know what you are doing. People can remain in touch with one another instantly using the messages, known as tweets. The maximum allowed characters for the message is 140 and hence, you have to convey your message using short text.

Your answer to the question ‘What you are doing’ could be letting the world know about your business, hobbies, emotions, or anything else, that you feel that people would be interested in knowing.

If you want to brand yourself, get feedback, advertise your business, talk to the prospects, offer and get support, or make new friends, you can use twitter.

You can be in contact with the potential market, talk to them or get to know information using questions. The result at times may surpass the search engines.

You may have friends on Facebook, but if you want followers, you use Twitter. People who read tweets by you and look out for you are called your followers. Alternatively, you too follow others. You can even listen to conversation of others and give your view if you can contribute to something that is being talked.

You may choose private, direct or general communication with the rest of the tweeters. To facilitate this, you can use applications that let you to view twitter instantly, like TweetDeck. With this, you will be able to see tweets instantly and can immediately respond to the tweets.

You can also use other applications on Twitter like Twitterfeed. This enables you to load your articles and blog posts you have more people to read your content.

You can also use Twellow to connect to the experts and gurus in your area of work.

Several applications are created particularly for Twitter to help active social marketing to gather the events and happenings instantly, using other modes of communication such as cellular phones.

How to Use Twitter?

• Avoid tweeting nonsensical stuff, that nobody is interested in reading.
• Incorporate interesting details pertaining to your business in the tweets.
• If you receive a good tweet, share it with your followers. This is good conduct of a twitter.
• Upload your newsletter, blogs and other networking in Twitter
• Update your bio data regularly. There would be many interested in getting to know more about you.

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