Social Media Crimes

Now that more and more people and also businesses are signing up with Social Media networks such as Linkedin, Facebook and Myspace, these sites are starting to get hit by cyber criminals. In 2006 nearly 3,200 account hijacking cases have been reported at the Internet Crime Complaint Center. Ok so here is how this is now happening and how you can be aware of this and protect yourself from harm.With Facebook it starts within your wall or your news feed. Hackers are updating feeds with bogus text and video links to sites that get you reveal personal information such as passwords and addresses. Once the criminals have account access they will can then go into your account to send out more links with your friends and family. All the time your account is compromised they are acting as you in your account. They will have access to all of your friends to infiltrate.

Typically these thieves are exploiting the distress factor to lure in their potential victims.  “Please help me out”, “I am stranded in Germany and someone stole my money”. “click here to help me out”. Exploiting the trust you have between your friends is how their doing this.

Also now that Twitter is becoming more and more popular I see this site getting hit the most. It is so easy to shorten links to any site with out even having the name of the link in it. So even though Facebook and other sites have specialized software to detect malicious activity in your account it doesn’t always work that great. So please be careful with what links you open and do not fill out any of your account information on site that link out of social networking websites.

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