Tips on Using Digital Camera

•   Type of Camera: The camera should have the resolution of 4-mega pixel upward, and optical zoom of 3x. If you don’t mind the price, you can opt for SLR digital camera. Digital SLR camera offers maximum flexibility as it allows you to alter the lens based on the kind of photos that needs to be taken. You will need a wide angle for landscapes and telephoto lens for portraits. If you intend to sale the photographs to microstock photo website, you will need a camera which has resolution of at least 4 mega pixels.
•    Optical zoom is better as compared to digital zoom. This is because while optical zoom uses the optics present in the camera when a photo is taken, digital zoom will enlarge the photos by creating additional pixels. In this process, the picture quality is lost.

•    The modern cameras are equipped with different scene modes. The scene modes refer to various types of photos to be taken, such as twilight, landscape, portrait, sport, etc. Select the mode as per the type of photo that you are clicking. Set the camera to portrait mode, while taking a portrait snap. This will enable to improve the focus and the photo will be clearer. While shooting movements of children, make use of high shutter speed. This will give you a sharper image.
•    The shutter speed in the compact camera is very low. This may give you a blurred image, or you may lose focus while taking the photo. If you use a tripod for taking the photo, it will solve the problem of handshake as the photo is being taken, resulting in a crispier image even at night.

•    Alter the White balance: If the camera permits changing white balance. For example, when you want clear picture tone on cloudy day, select the cloudy setting on the camera.

•    Flash: The cameras have built in flash. Use the flash, particularly, when you click the photos on a bright day or at noon. For getting better images, the sun should be on your back, when you click the photos.

•    Natural Light: Photos taken in natural light come out clearer. So, click the photos, when the contrast is mild. The photos taken in early morning or just when the sun is about to set, will give you better images as compared to photos shot at the midday

With all the above points, you will get clearer, crisper images.

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