New Project in the Works – Sounds Environments

Another new and very exciting project were working on is for Traverse City Sound Environments. In the interest of the owner I gathered what information they wanted and what he wanted to accomplish with the website. I then put together a plan to incorporate their needs as a business and make sure the design of the site was the very best it could be. I used a split header design to section

the logo and then contact information to one side. I also knew that they were needing quite a few pages so i broke up the navigation into two section, creating an eyebrow navigation area on the top above the contact information. This information is not as important as the main nav and can be set aside but still very visible to the users eye.

I then wanted to create an interactive style to really bring in a connection between the visitor and the user interface of the site. I did this by creating three main feature project areas. When your mouse is hovered over them the image drop down to reveal that featured section and then a link to the page. Almost like a peek-a-boo effect.

Then i go right into the main information telling a brief summary of the company and what they offer. Every page also highlights the most important information as well. The right column has a list of all the services they offer. Each page also consists of a news section. This area is updated a few times a month to keep clients and new customers interested in what TC Sound Environments is doing now.

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