Collaborating Files & Projects Safely & Securely

Today, communication goes way beyond the telephone and “snail mail.”  Businesses have changed the way they conduct transactions both with their staff and clients.  E-mail has now surpassed all other conventional communications and with that comes security issues that arise when the email is being transferred from the sender to the recipient.  Hackers love emails with attachments.  They are able to break into secure hubs and snatch your files.

There are two secure programs that enable you to securily share your files and documents with staff and clients.

Microsoft Groove is by far the best collaboration program.  It allows you to collaborate calendars, documents, meetings, and much more.  If you have Microsoft Office 2007 Professional, you already have Groove available.

If you do not have Groove, Dropbox is a great little collaboration program that allows you to share and transfer up to 2 gig of space for free.

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