Do I Really Need a Website?

The short answer is yes. In today’s digital landscape, establishing an online presence is a must for businesses. Roughly 99% of consumers use the internet to discover and find local businesses. You need to be in the mix. Studies show that around 81% of potential customers conduct online research about a company before they decide to reach out to them.

According to recent data, approximately 73% of small businesses currently have a website. This suggests that the remaining 27% are either utilizing social media platforms like Facebook as a substitute for a website or have no online presence at all. This could be negatively impacting their business.

Why small businesses say they do not have website

According to a recent study by Zippia, there are several reasons a business may not have a website. Of the 27% of businesses that do not have a website, 40% of those businesses say they do not want a website and 28% say they will never have one. 

  • 35% – Believe their business is too small to need a website. This ties into cost and they worry that the ROI will not cover the costs of developing and maintaining a website.
  • 27% – Say that a website is not relevant to industry. Regardless of the industry you are in, you need an online presence to give your company credibility. For a business – “If you are not online, you do not exist” in the eyes of many consumers.
  • 26% – Stated that websites are too expensive. Websites can be expensive depending on function and design, but they do NOT have to be. Almost all of the websites designed by Pro Web Marketing that do not have an eCommerce component are under $2500. Usually falling in the $1500 range. Websites with online stores starts at just $2500. The majority of the eCommerce websites we design are around $3,000. Visit our pricing page for more information.
  • 21% – Use social media instead of a website. Social media can be a great tool when used to complement your website. Using any of the social media platforms as our only online presence requires constant maintenance and postings to benefit from the algorithms.
  • 15% – Have a lack of technical knowledge. You do not have to have any tech skills. You only need to supply images, copy, and feedback, we do the rest. After the site is launched, as part of your hosting plan with Pro Web Marketing not only do you get up to 1 hour a month of updates for your site, but we also provide all maintenance and support of the backend of your website. If you would like to be able to make changes yourself on your website, we offer a 1 hour training on making changes.

Social media page is NOT a website

Social media serves as a powerful tool for marketing businesses and fostering customer engagement. Platforms like Facebook enable businesses to share content such as images, videos, and announcements with immediate exposure to their audience. Consistent posting of information, products, etc. is critical to stay relevant in social media’s algorithms.

The user-friendly interface of social media platforms are familiar from personal use. This familiarity facilitates easy posting, editing, and customer interaction across various devices.

However, it is essential to recognize the limitations of social media marketing. While platforms like Facebook boast vast user bases, organic reach is limited, with only a fraction of followers seeing each post. Additionally, different platforms attract distinct demographics, potentially limiting reach to specific target audiences.

Moreover, while social media is free and requires no technical expertise, it offers minimal customization options for branding and entails dependency on platform guidelines and algorithms.

The Importance of a Website

Contrary to social media, a website provides businesses with greater control over their online presence and brand identity. Websites offer flexibility in design, content, and functionality, allowing businesses to tailor their online representation to align with their unique vision and messaging.

Having a website ensures consistent branding across all online platforms, instilling confidence, and credibility among potential customers. Unlike social media, which prioritizes immediate updates, a website serves as a centralized hub for information, promotions, and offers, enhancing user experience and accessibility.

From a marketing perspective, websites offer significant advantages in search engine visibility and tracking. With proper optimization, websites stand a higher chance of ranking in search engine results, attracting organic traffic and expanding online reach. Websites also facilitate comprehensive tracking of user data and behavior, enabling businesses to measure the effectiveness of their online efforts accurately.

Additionally, websites offer permanence and stability compared to the transient nature of social media platforms, ensuring continuity and reliability in online presence regardless of evolving trends.

The Role of Pro Web Marketing

At Pro Web Marketing, we specialize in designing and maintaining customized websites tailored to businesses’ specific needs and objectives. Our team collaborates closely with clients to understand their brand identity and goals. We ensure that each website reflects their unique vision and values.

We prioritize user experience, SEO optimization, and seamless functionality to maximize the website’s effectiveness in driving engagement and conversions. With our dedicated support and personalized service, clients can rely on us to address any technical issues promptly. We provide ongoing assistance to optimize their online presence.

In conclusion, while social media remains a valuable marketing tool, it should complement, not replace, a dedicated website. A website offers unparalleled control, branding opportunities, search engine visibility, and permanence, making it an essential asset for any business seeking to thrive in the digital age. Invest in your business’s online future today by partnering with Pro Web Marketing. Contact us at 877-577-6932  or [email protected] to begin your journey towards a dynamic and impactful website presence.

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