Adding a Blog to your Website is Easy!

BloggingSearch engines like websites that have fresh and authoritative content. One way to add fresh content and sound like an authority is to add a blog to your website.

The thought of writing a weekly or monthly blog can be challenging, that it will require a lot of time and what do you write about? It does not have to be hard, write about what you know and like.

Talk about your business

Look at your business, what products do you offer? Do you sell products that you could write 2-3 paragraphs about the benefits, the features, etc. of a product with a link to purchase from you if you have an eCommerce component on your website? Depending on how many products you have you could have years of weekly blogs.

Is your business more service oriented? The same principal can be applied. Write 2-3 paragraphs about your service, what differentiates you from your competitors, the benefits of using your service, etc. Another good topic would be when to call you for your service, for example a blog titled “Do I need to” … call a plumber, a mechanic, etc.

Maybe your website offers an experience like a zipline or snowtubing, you have a great topic talking about what it is like to zipline or flying down a snow-covered hill on tube. Describe the experience and use comments from guests to highlight the fun.

Your blog posts should not be all about your products, services, or the experiences, you want your customers to know about the people they are doing business with. Mix in blogs spotlighting an employee and what they do for your company and how their expertise will benefit your customers. Introduce new employees in a blog post with information about their education, experience, and hobbies.

Add a personal touch

Another great idea for blog posts is to talk about personal experiences. Have you or one of your employees ran a marathon, are they an avid snow skier or collector. Having an employee write short blogs about their passions and experience can make for an interesting and well received blog.

Blogs do not have to be scary if you think outside the box and remember that you want to engage your customers and the best way is to provide information that may generate questions.

What’s next?

You are now ready and excited to start your first blog, what do you do with it once you have posted it on your website? You promote it! Provide a link to your blog post on your Facebook page or Instagram. If you send out regular emails to clients provide a link to the blog post in the email or add a link to the blog page in your email signature.

By having a blog on your website not only will you be providing the search engines fresh content, you will also be driving potential customers to your website to engage in other pages on the site by providing internal links to the products or services you are talking about in your blog.

Most websites have an easy way to add the ability to create blogs, call Pro Web Marketing at 877-577-6932 and we will get you ready for your first blog.

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