Crystal Lake Wedding Networking Event

Last night, I had the honor of attending a local business networking event at the Crystal Lake Weddings venue, on the Crystal Lake Golf Club grounds. I have driven by and often thought  I should stop in and check out the venue, but never had. Wow was I missing out!  The golf course and the wedding venue features gourgeous views of Crystal Lake and the Benzie County country side. The sunset over the lake was wonderful. I know I was there for work but it certainly didn’t feel like it. The food was provided by Odette’s Custom Catering and was FANTASTIC as well. 

Crystal Lake Weddings Event

Jamie and Liz From Crystal Lake Weddings

There were many wedding vendors from the area and it was great to meet new folks and learn more about just how vibrant the wedding industry is in this area. Northern Michigan is quickly becoming a destination wedding spot for folks all around the country. There was talk about using modern online services such as skype to chat with brides and grooms who were not able to meet in person due to the long distance from where they currently live. It was obvious that developing a network of local professionals that you trust and feel good about recommending is crucial for many of these businesses. When a bride and groom are planning a wedding from a long distance, they have to rely on those networks to make their wedding day perfect. This network offers accountability and a level of trust between the vendors and keeps business local.

Odettes Custom Catering Frankfort

Krista Odette of Odette’s Custom Catering

Another topic of conversation was how the online reach of larger companies has caused stress on the local vendors. Certainly a large company with a massive budget can throw their weight around and impact local business, but with the right strategy and planning local businesses can compete strongly online! One of the first things we recommend is for all small business to create a local business listing on Google, Bing and Yahoo. Make sure that the business profile is filled out completely and great looking photos are included as well. There are lots of listing services available, but start with the search engines first. I will be perfectly honest, they do not always make creating a free listing easy, and it can be a lot of work to do this. There are many more listing options available out there as well.

If you need help competing online, give us a call. Pro Web Marketing offers a full range of services from social media advising and implementation, local business listings, to Google and Bing search advertising. Your business should and can stand out online, and we can help. Give us a call at 877 577 6932 or get a quick quote here!

Logo Design and Branding For Your Business


When most people think of branding, they think of a logo. What most business owners don’t understand is that a logo just scratches the surface of branding; it’s merely the visual representation. A brand is so much more. It is the collection of thoughts, perceptions, and ideas that a person has about a company. It’s the company’s personality.

Logo Design Pro Web Marketing

Logo Design By Pro Web Marketing

In other words, a brand really only lives inside of our heads. Crazy, eh?

For instance, when you think of Nike you absolutely think of the “swoosh.” But in reality, that logo is just a visual indicator that brings up so many more ideas—concepts of strength, perseverance, and tenacity. You might envision an athlete running on a track. You might remember one of the most challenging obstacles you have overcome.

All of these ideas are carefully portrayed by Nike through colors, imagery choice, and verbal tone in all of their marketing materials from print to digital. The logo merely acts as a reminder of the brand.

When a repeated logo is combined with a repeated and consistent brand message, something magical happens. A company suddenly begins to embody a personality, it begins to connect and resonate with an audience.

Without branding, a company is lifeless, empty, and intangible.

At Pro Web, you’ll hear us talk a lot about branding. We’ll bring it up again and again as we work through your website and print materials, helping to ensure that the message is consistent.

It’s just one of the ways we go beyond a website to make your entire marketing strategy—and your company—successful.

Honor Trading Post Website Design Project

Honor Trading Web Design Project


Nice weather is finally here and the snow has finally receded. These warm days bring lots of folks outside, and revive in me memories of slowly floating down the Big Manistee. If kayaking, canoeing or tubing sound as good to you right now as it does to me, head over to the Honor Trading Post! They have a full service rental facility as well as fishing licenses and groceries. If you need it while camping or floating along the Platte River, they have it.

Pro Web Marketing recently completed and launched Honor Trading Post’s new website design. The goal was to modernize the look and feel and convert the site to a responsive platform so the site looks great on mobile devices as well as large monitors. Our team of Graphic designers worked closely with our developers to make a website that was practical, visually appealing and most importantly effective. 

We will be happy to put our team to work for you. Whether you currently have a website that needs to be updated and freshened up, or if you have never had a website before we will set you up. Our websites are optimized for to look great both on all devices and screen sizes. Making changes to the written content or your photos is a breeze. You can make the changes yourself on your new website and we include training as a standard part of our website process. If updating or getting a new website seems overwhelming call the Web Wonks. We will work with you to make the process easy. Give us a call today at 877 577 6932 or fill out our form here!