Northern Michigan: Picture Perfect

Northern Michigan is a beautiful region for all kinds of photography. It has the sand dunes, beaches, lighthouses, hot air balloons, cherry festival and so much more scenery to offer. It is the perfect place for any photographer to delve into. Here are just several examples of various areas we are lucky enough to be a part of!

Traverse City



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Domain, domain, domain

Domain names are like one’s identity as well as location on the Internet, and we all know it’s all about location, location, location. Having a relevant domain name is vital, but also coming up with one that’s easy to remember. Creating a domain name that is at least close to the actual name of your business is ideal. This is because consumers can thus easily learn a single identity rather than two separate names. Just something to think about when coming up with your domain!

YouTube views as profit

When videos go viral on youtube, the video-poster can profit immensely. Videos such as the Keyboard Cat, David after the dentist, Charlie bit my finger and many more have all become a part of this ‘youtube effect.’ The following article really dives into how quickly youtube has made a huge impact on the advertising world, and even the effect that it has had on our society. Take a few minutes to read this article posted by Time Magazine, it is very interesting!,9171,1938731,00.html

The Oprah Effect

Celebrities in general are often used in advertising because of their credibility and likeability among fans. Oprah herself has become one of the most credible sources for advertising in today’s world. What is now called, “The Oprah Effect” is the fact that a no-name product liked by Oprah can make it onto her show and become a very successful brand. If it is something Oprah feels she must have, then viewers are likely to feel that they must also buy the given product, as well. This has in turn proven that Oprah is one of the most influential people in today’s media. The following article published by goes more in depth about the Oprah Effect and how it has changed the success of particular brands, and even why there are certain brands out there that don’t belong on the Oprah Show.
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Shopping Online

Buying online has become a very convenient way for shoppers to buy desired products at a quick, easy and timely manner. This possibility has made it so that we can buy almost anything at our fingertips while in the comfort of our home, instead of making the trip to the mall. While there are of course sites pertaining directly to specific companies, sites like eBay have made it even possible to buy used products from other people just like you. So many people shop online now that physical stores are probably emptier than they were ten years ago. The downside however, and which has become slightly controversial, is that some do not like the idea of entering their credit card numbers, addresses, phone numbers and other personal information over the internet (which is obviously necessary when purchasing online). So when it comes to shopping online, it depends on each person. We can’t ignore the many benefits it has, though!

Social Media Advertising

Why IS social media such an effective medium for business owners? Not only is it a way to reach a huge demographic, but technology has enabled us to directly market to the public based on their activity on the given social media site. For example, if someone ‘likes’ a certain band, it is quite possible that an ad will appear for tickets to their upcoming concert. Even changing your relationship status to ‘engaged’ will make it so that wedding-related ads begin popping up. This is crucial for advertisers to be able to directly target consumers with relevant ads.