Unwanted e-mail: Solution!

Ever wonder how to put an end to all the emails you are getting from businesses that you didn’t seem to ask for? For some, this might be nice, being updated on specials and such that they would have otherwise not been aware. Thankfully now you most likely have to opt-in to receive these emails, but you can also unsubscribe from their emailing list, which you may not have even realized you signed up for. Usually at the bottom of the email, in small print, it links you to a site where you are prompted to verify your password and then are able to unsubscribe from the given site. Hope this helps!

New Traverse City stores to open downtown!

With summer just around the corner, Traverse City has begun opening a few new stores to draw in even more attention in the downtown area. Becky’s Flamingo Freeze opening June 1st will serve shakes, cones, smoothies and even pie with a main focus, of course, on cherries. The new frozen sweets store will be located at 801 West Front Street. Becky Collier, who with her husband currently owns the Pest Control business located on the same property, will run Becky’s Flamingo Freeze with the help of her grandkids.
Lisa Freeman, a Saugatuck native, will open Spice Merchants, a new spice shop coming to town. The store will have two locations: one will be located near the intersection of Front Street and Union Street, and the other will be in Building 50. Both locations are said to open on Memorial Day!
MicDaego’s is a new market/deli coming to downtown TC, as well. It will be located at 321 E. Front St. and is set to open the first week of June. The owners Jannette Winstanley and Joseph Balsam plan to give it a 50’s feel for customers. All of these sound like great reasons to make it downtown in the next couple of weeks!

iPad 2

The iPad was a huge development for Apple, and now they are offering the iPad 2. So how exactly is the iPad 2 different from the original? For $100 extra, it’s worth finding out. The thickness has gone from 13.4mm to 8.8mm for starters, and the radios and processors have been updated. The iPad 2 also offers a front and rear camera, and gyroscope. The display, storage and resolution however, remain the same. Visit http://www.apple.com/ipad/ for more specifics on the iPad 2.

Photo Source: http://appleipad2reviews.info/wp-content/uploads/2011/04/apple-ipad2.jpg

Facebook vs. Twitter

The current social media controversy: Facebook versus Twitter. Which one is “better?” The truth is that both have pros and cons and it really depends on each particular person. Twitter has become a way for users to publish their current thoughts or experiences, while Facebook is more of a way for friends and family to interact with each other. One of twitter’s biggest advantages is its celebrity base. Celebrities themselves are making posts to their twitter accounts, which has also been a huge vehicle for endorsements. For example, Kim Kardashian tweeted, “The Carl’s Jr grilled chicken salads came out yesterday! I’m on my way to Carl’s Jr for lunch now…have you tried them yet?” for which she received about $10,000. Maybe you want to know everything your favorite celebrity is doing, or maybe you don’t really care. It really all depends on each user’s personality. Using both might make the decision a little easier.

Photo originally from: http://1.bp.blogspot.com/_-Hix91sgv_s/TOPQOmdpOsI/AAAAAAAAATg/xTK3RoGY9-4/s1600/Twitter+VS+Facebook+Choose+One+2.jpg