Useful Trick: Recover Saved Passwords

If you’re like me, you often register for a website, hit the “Remember My Password” button in the browser, and totally forget what the password was to begin with.  Normally this isn’t an issue – as you’ll always have that password saved.

But what if you need to tell someone else that password, or perhaps log in on another computer?

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Updating old designs – Easy upgrades

The web is an ever-evolving medium – it never stays the same for more than a moment!  That is why your website needs to be updated frequently – not just in content, but in design.  Your website should be updated to stay current with the newest design practices as well as the newest tech tools and functionality.

This article discusses some simple things you can change on an old website without much effort or re-working of the HTML coding – ideal for situations where you don’t want to go for a full re-design but want to make some minor changes to improve your website’s appeal.

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Web Fonts: Revisiting an old problem

In a previous article about fonts and web standards, we discussed the problems designers face with fonts on the web and some various solutions.  Today’s article brings an update to the field in the form of a few new contenders on the web-font battlefield.

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